Video Production

Free SFX Collection: Download over 300 Royalty-Free Sound Effects + 120 Minutes of High-Quality Recordings for your Video

Upgrade your videos and stand out on YouTube with these free weather, impact, whoosh, interface and ambience sounds in WAV and MP3 formats
Video Production

How to Get rid of Pops & Mouth Clicks in Audacity

Get rid of annoying mouth noises, pops and click with four different techniques in Audacity
Video Production

How to find and use the best Background Music for Your Videos

Learn the how to pick the perfect music for your videos, without any copyright issues

Twitch Sound Alerts - A Complete Guide

An introduction, guide and how-to manual for one of Twitch’s most exciting new Extensions. Start setting up alerts, customizing sounds and boosting your ratings with our complete guide!

Your subscription just got better: Check out the improved Audio Clean-Up Assistant, our new coach marking system, & more

Welcome to our first update of 2021. We’re excited to share improvements, initiatives, and new offerings with you throughout the upcoming year!
Video Production

Your guide to Royalty Free Music for Videos

Learn about copyright and where to get royalty free background music with this guide
Video Production

Editing Video to the Beat of Music

Learn how to edit a video to the beat of the music in Premiere Pro, or any other video editor
Video Production

How to Record Audio for Video at Home – A Comprehensive Guide

Master recording audio for video, creating your own voice over videos, sound effects, and getting pro audio when creating videos with this guide
Video Production

How to Edit a Music Video

Learn some useful tips to help you edit music videos in Premiere Pro, or any other video editing software
Podcasts & Voice Overs

How to Change Your Voice

Change the way you sound with some simple exercises. Learn how to change your voice at home without the need for a vocal coach or expensive equipment.
Video Production

How to Sync Audio and Video

Audio and video out of sync? Learn the ins and outs of syncing video and audio with this guide
Video Production

How to Use DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve has quickly become one of the most popular video editors out there. Learn everything about it in this guide!