Music Production

Abusing Regroover: Importing a Vocal and Music Loops

Discover Regroover’s creative potential

Regroover is a tool that's optimised for beats. It analyzes your audio and identifies underlying layers with similar sonic and rhythmic characteristics. Being able to split your previously static loops into stems is pretty awesome, but what happens if you import non-beat material into Regroover? 

American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Pierce Fulton, told us that he uses Regroover as a creative tool more than anything. 

“I mostly use it to analyze a wide variety of audio files just to see what happens. I’ve even taken an iPhone recording of a subway journey through New York City, split up layers of the recording in Regroover, and isolated the subway announcements in a really interesting way.”

Watch the video below to see an example of Regroover’s creative potential.

We would like to encourage you to [ab]use Regroover and create your own libraries of sounds that no one’s ever heard before! 

September 24, 2018