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How to Change Your Voice

Change the way you sound with some simple exercises. Learn how to change your voice at home without the need for a vocal coach or expensive equipment.
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How to Make Your Voice Higher

Looking around for tips on how to make your voice sound higher? Here are seven exercises to try at home right now and go up an octave or two. Or three.
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How to Make Your Voice Raspy and Hoarse

Make your voice sound raspy and feel like a best-selling movie narrator who’s telling a story that needs to be heard.
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How to Make a Sound on TikTok and Go Viral

Learn how to create viral sounds on TikTok and how you can hook more viewers, grow your audience, and build a fanbase.
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What Are the Qualities of a Voice?

Get to know what makes a voice sound unique and the main vocal qualities and characteristics that make you sound like... you.
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Why Does My Voice Sound Different on Video

Do you feel that you don’t sound like you? Have you wondered why we sound different to ourselves? Let’s talk about science and human hearing ability.
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How to Make Your Voice Deeper

Wondering how to deepen your voice and achieve that lower voice pitch? Follow these 10 voice deepening tips and maybe you’ll talk with a deeper voice by the end of this article.
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How To Make Your Voice Sound Better

Make your voice sound better with these voice exercises for speaking. Learn how top-notch speakers achieve high-status vocal tonality and get a new, smooth voice.
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How to Promote Your YouTube Videos and Grow Your Channel for Free

Your YouTube videos need an audience. Take a look at how to beat the drum for your content and promote your YouTube channel for free.
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YouTube Analytics: Everything You Need to Know in One Place

Translate your YouTube analytics data into actionable advice. See how you can make the most out of your YouTube channel’s numbers, and grow your audience faster
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All The Ways to Make Money on YouTube: A Detailed Guide

Turn your hobby into a full-time job. See how YouTubers make money on YouTube and how you can follow their lead to start earning today.
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The Best YouTube Tools for YouTubers Who Are Just Starting Out

Online video is not only about creating content. It’s also about YouTube tools to build, enhance, and promote it. This guide is all you need to get started.