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Video Production

Music Like Minecraft

Here’s everything you need to know about the Minecraft soundtrack, and where you can find royalty free music like it
Podcasts & Voice Overs

Create a podcast on Ableton Live 11

How to record, edit and produce podcasts like a pro with Ableton Live
Video Production

Editing Video to the Beat of Music

Learn how to edit a video to the beat of the music in Premiere Pro, or any other video editor
Video Production

Best Adobe Premiere plugins & extensions to speed up your editing workflow

Adobe Premiere Plugins are great for fast editing. Boost your Premiere Pro workflow with these free premiere plugins! From post production to color grading
Video Production

Adobe Extensions Explained - How to install and use them in Premiere Pro

In this guide we take you through how to install and use Adobe Extension for Premiere Pro and all other Adobe applications
Video Production

Royalty Free Music Like Skyrim

Let’s take a deep dive into the iconic soundtrack of Skyrim, and find out where you can find similar music for your content
Video Production

How to find and use the best Background Music for Your Videos

Learn the how to pick the perfect music for your videos, without any copyright issues
Video Production

How to Sync Audio and Video

Audio and video out of sync? Learn the ins and outs of syncing video and audio with this guide
Video Production

How to Make a Space Marine Voice Changer Filter in Premiere

Learn how to modify voice to sound like space marine or astronaut in Premiere Pro for free in four easy steps
Video Production

How to make movie trailer voice changer filter in Audacity

Want to sound like a movie trailer voice actor? Use this guide to get that epic movie trailer voice for free in Audacity
Video Production

How to Use a Siri Voice Generator on Mac & Windows

Whether you’re looking for a sinister robot voice, or just that funny text to speech sound, a Siri voice generator is a great tool
Video Production

How to use the reverb voice changer effect in Adobe Premiere

Want to up the drama and add excitement to your videos? Learn how to create an ominous and imposing reverb voice changer in Adobe Premiere Pro.