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ERA 4: Community Testimonials

The release of ERA 4 is still buzzing and some prominent community members around the internet have already put out extensive reviews. Hint: they are impressed!

Using ERA 4's smart and easy-to-use tools, audio repair is no longer a pickle - it’s more of a piece of cake. But don’t take it from us - here are the community’s first reactions:

Film Riot

(a.k.a. Ryan Connolly) - American director, filmmaker & YouTuber.

“If you’re new to sound they make it incredibly easy to get pro results, and if you’re a professional they make it incredibly fast to do some standard things”

“As it turns out the ERA 4 bundle is a little more badass than the last bundle that I had. And it’s perfect for everything, from film work to podcast”


(a.k.a. Adam Pollard) - British electronic music producer and YouTuber.

“If you primarily want to remove noise, ERA 4 is the way to go. It’s easier and it sounds better.”

Curtis Judd

Lighting & sound expert and YouTuber.

“If you’re looking for something simple and you don’t want to futz around with all the different settings, ERA 4 Bundle would be a better choice for you”

Filmmaker Central

(a.k.a. Kerry Garrison) - Video-editing instructor & YouTuber.

“They just work fantastic - I’m a huge fan of them!”

ERA 4: Community Testimonials
July 17, 2019