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Free SFX Collection: Download over 300 Royalty-Free Sound Effects + 120 Minutes of High-Quality Recordings for your Video

Upgrade your videos and stand out on YouTube with these free weather, impact, whoosh, interface and ambience sounds
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Finding Music Like Persona 5 for Streaming, Videos & Podcasts

Podcasts & Voice Overs

5 Things to Check Before Publishing Your First Podcast

A checklist that any podcast maker should run through, prior to releasing their first episode.
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How to License Music - A guide for video creators, podcasters and streamers

Don’t let music copyright issues get in the way of content creation. Check out our guide for everything you need to know about how to license music.
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Royalty Free Music Like Skyrim

Let’s take a deep dive into the iconic soundtrack of Skyrim, and find out where you can find similar music for your content
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How to Reverse Video Search: A Complete Guide

How to google reverse video search, find a video's original source, and reverse search a video via Berify. Searching for video has never been easier!
Video Production

Video Game Sound Effects: A Quick Guide

Learn how to create cool, high-quality video game sound effects with this simple guide

How to find the best background music for your Twitch Streams

Playing music in your next stream? Twitch’s music rules are tough. Read our guide to background music and streaming, to make sure you’re on the right side.
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Video Bitrate - All You Need to Know

Not sure what video bitrate settings to apply to your latest project? Dive into our info packed guide now, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know!
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How to Stop Mouth Noise: avoiding lip smacks, saliva crackle and mouth clicks

Mouth noise ruins audio. Saliva crackle, mouth clicks, lip smacks - they are easy to avoid or remove once you know how.

A New Era: Introducing ERA 5.2 & Mouth De-Clicker 

Our latest ERA update has arrived 
Podcasts & Voice Overs

Voice Acting Training Exercises for Beginner Voice-over Actors

Explore how to get better at voice acting through practice. Check some tips on how to keep your voice healthy and what voice acting training you should start right now.