Music Production

Introducing: Rhythmiq

Rhythmiq is a new, ground-breaking plug-in that uses A.I. to help you turn your tracks into a performance

After 2 years of development and several tech breakthroughs, Rhythmiq is finally here!

We created Rhythmiq to solve the eternal problem of lack of flexibility and freedom when jamming in the studio or performing electronic music live. As a producer, you don’t want to fixate over which button to press and which knob to turn. You just want to stay in the flow! You want to jam and improvise and not just play that same track over and over again!

Built for both your studio and the stage, Rhythmiq is an instantly playable virtual instrument. It analyzes and understands your stems and allows you to reshape them in real time. Rhythmiq’s powerful machine learning features redefine the traditional beat manipulation algorithms. This new technology is a huge leap forward towards the future of beat performance since it allows you to safely improvise in ways never before thought possible. 

But it’s not just that. Rhythmiq also features a revolutionary A.I. Beat Assistant for electronic musicians, producers, live performers and DJs. Until now, electronic musicians relied on pre-recorded beat variations when they were performing live or jamming in the studio. The Beat Assistant variates your loops in real-time. It injects your beats with everything from nuanced micro-variations to musical, evolving changes. Although Rhythmiq uses ground-breaking A.I. to do these for you, it is still controlled by you. 

October 08, 2019