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How we Made an Epic Movie Trailer Using Voice Changer

Voice Changer turns simple voice recordings into new characters, effects and environments. We use it to edit a movie trailer into something spectacular

Discover the weird and wonderful world of Voice Changer, and learn how it can transform your sounds in seconds! 

Keep reading to get results like this: 

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The Trailer in Question

Here’s a short trailer for an indie film: 

It’s pretty close to a final cut, but there’s one area that we can improve on: the voice over. We’ve added the isolated audio below; we recommend wearing headphones to get the full effect:

Trailer Voice Over (Before)

So, what did you think? Kind of creepy, right? Well, it’s about to get creepier, as we use Voice Changer to morph the audio and take the voiceover to new realms. Read on to find out exactly what we did, and check out how the final result sounds at the end of the article.

What is Voice Changer?

Voice manipulation is a crucial part of sound design, with genres such as sci-fi, fantasy and horror relying heavily on voice effects to create the sound of the characters contained within the stories. This has been true for a long time, with Darth Vader’s deep, muffled tones in Star Wars, and Thanos’ rumbling bass voice in the Avengers movies showing two examples of character defining voice effects, years apart.

Recognizing that voice effects contribute to storytelling and characterisation, Voice Changer has been designed to work across a range of audio scenarios where the manipulation of the human voice is called for, including films, animation, radio dramas and video games. 

Make use of the comprehensive preset catalogue to find instant transformations that will make your voice sound like it's coming from a 90s video tape, an airport announcement speaker, a crowd megaphone, a kitchen radio, a living room TV and much more.

You can start a subscription or sign up to a free trial of Voice Changer here, or get it as part of the All Access Suite

Edit strategy 

The first thing we did was to load up Voice Changer on the audio file in our editing software. Like the Audio Clean-Up Assistant, Voice Changer comes with slots where you can add effects and tweak them. Remember, your Voice Changer presets will be stored in a separate folder to your usual ERA plugins. We’re going to create a custom preset for this project.

The slots are divided into Character, Effect and Environment. Each slot can be independently adjusted using the corresponding processing knob. Character allows you to cycle through a range of different character effects which alters the pitch and tone of the voice recording. The Effect slot contains effects that control the timbre and type of processing that is applied to the voice, making it more robotized, organic or alien, for example. Finally, the Environment slot controls the location that the voice is in, and can be used to make the voice sound more distant, close up, or in a large reflective space.

How we Made an Epic Movie Trailer Using Voice Changer

For a movie trailer voice over there’s really only one place to start, and that’s the Epic Movie Trailer effect. We’ll load it into the Character slot and push the processing to 70% to really add power and depth to the voice. Using the Off/On switch at the top left of the Voice Changer interface allows us to easily hear the difference between the affected audio and the original.

It’s a good start, but there’s more that we can do to enhance the voice over. In the Effect slot we’ll add the Double Voice effect at 30% on the Processing knob, which adds a subtle doubling effect to the audio. This creates an eerie, otherworldly sound to the voice over, which fits well with the overall atmosphere of the trailer.

The final step is to choose an Environment for the voice over. We don’t want anything too intense here, as the performance by the actor was recorded well and sounds like he’s speaking into your ear. It would be a bad idea to fiddle with the spatial quality of the voice over too much, so we’ll add Cave (Dark) in slot three. This effect adds a touch of reverb to the audio, but not enough to wash it out. The reflections add a spooky character that enhances the effect of the previous two effects. We’ll take the Processing knob down to 15%.

Trailer Voice Over (After)

Final Result

What we’re left with is a voice over that’s ready to grace the silver screen anywhere. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the original, but the three separate effects that we used as part of Voice Changer have added depth and character and made it stand out just that bit more. You can check out the finished trailer and find the final preset that we used for this example below.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Voice Changer today, and start turning your voice recordings upside down and inside out. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Voice Changer, open it up in your audio or video program of choice and browse the library of presets under Quick Start, you’ll find a wide variety of voice effects that are sure to trigger your creativity and get you shaping sounds!

October 01, 2021