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How to Choose the Perfect Music for Your Lifestyle Content and Tutorials

Learn how to give your videos the touch-up they need in this makeup beauty vlog example, by adding a little sparkle from Music Cellar.

Keep reading to learn how to improve your lifestyle content, quickly and effectively. A few touches make a huge difference:

Take a look at this short clip featuring a makeup tutorial on how to create a quick, colorful look with eye-shadow. It’s shot in a classic beauty vlog style, with quick cuts and direct-to-camera dialogue. 

What is your overall impression of the video? Is it informative, and professionally put together? Would it seem out of place if it appeared in your suggested videos on YouTube today (putting aside the fact that makeup tutorials may or may not be exactly what you’re used to watching online)?

In this article, we’re going to take this video to the next level for free, using our royalty-free track library Music Cellar. This will apply the finishing touch to a clip that is not quite there yet.

→ Find The Perfect royalty-Free Background Music. Start Free! No CC required

What’s wrong with the video?

Video is a visual medium above all, and if your content was shot in poor quality, is out of focus, or just looks bad – no one will want to watch it. Especially nowadays, when all it takes is a glance at a YouTube thumbnail for someone to make a quick value decision and pass right on by. 

An important thing to note then is that the clip we’re dealing with today looks good. The shot has been set up correctly, the colors are eye-catching, and it does what it’s meant to – demonstrate a makeup technique.

Almost as important as how a video looks is how it sounds, however. The recorded audio in the clip is good, but there’s a lot of silence which makes it a little awkward to watch.

There’s one major improvement we can make that will fix this: adding some music! 

Choosing the background music

When it comes to creating a mood and setting the tone, there really is nothing quite like music. Think of the last time you heard an upbeat pop song that instantly made you want to dance, shed a tear at a sad piano ballad, or boosted your energy levels in the gym with a blazing rock tune. Music makes you feel something, and it’s no coincidence that films and TV shows have used it for years to give emotional cues to the audience

Beauty tutorial vlogs are everywhere on the internet, with a countless amount of DIY makeup guides on YouTube and Instagram. There are different stylistic approaches and personalities involved, but one constant is that the music normally matches the look that’s being put together on camera. For instance, a darker track for a goth look or some power pop for a full-on makeover.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of this using our video example.

Example 1

For the first example, we’ve paired the clip with a track from the Rock Music section of Music Cellar.

The songs in this category are filled with gnarly guitars and intense drums, and Dirty Hardcore Groove is no different. There’s a distorted guitar riff, plenty of splashy cymbals, and even some amp feedback thrown in for good measure. Watching the video, it’s immediately apparent that this track is too much, and that our soft-spoken beauty vlogger is being overpowered.

There's a real difference between the bright, fun look she’s demonstrating and the intensity of the backing track, so it just doesn’t work. Onto the next one.

Example 2

We’ve tried electric guitars and drum kits, so now let’s go for something a bit more relaxing. Clicking into Sentimental Piano and hitting the calm tag throws up a list of instrumental piano ballads, and we’ve picked one called Luminous Rain. It’s certainly peaceful, with a recurring lead melody in the high notes supported by some gentle chords underneath, and much less aggressive than the previous track.

It’s pretty obvious though that this track is not what we’re looking for. A slow piano ballad like this one saps all the energy out of the video and makes the whole thing feel a bit sad. That’s not the tone we want to set for our audience! 

Example 3

The last example shows what happens when you choose the right music for your video. From the Funk section of Music Cellar we chose the track Chill Wave, which has crisp, lo-fi vibes. There’s enough character here to match the funky look that the beauty vlogger is demonstrating, but it’s not overly energetic or intense. The chilled out groove fits nicely in the background and makes the video feel a lot smoother. Job done!

So, if you’re putting together a beauty tutorial or a fresh makeover video, make sure you’re using background tracks to enhance your content. Remember, strict copyright laws on all major content platforms prohibit the inclusion of any track that you haven’t been given permission to use, so unless you’re willing to pay for an expensive license, most well known songs are likely to be ruled out (find out more about music licensing and copyright here). 

That’s where Music Cellar comes in. It's completely free, and gives you access to MP3 versions of any track you can find in the library.  

July 06, 2021
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