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How to Sound like Santa with Voice Changer

Learn how to use voice modulation effects to sound like the North Pole’s most famous citizen in this example 

Take a listen to the audio below, featuring a festive voice transformation. Using the transformative environments and voice effects on Voice Changer, our creative voice modification tool that allows you to take your dialogue into new realms, it’s easy to take a basic impression and turn it into something much more. Want to know how we made our voice actor sound like the man in the big red suit? Read on to find out!

Santa Voice (Before)

What is Voice Changer?

Voice Changer takes the raw material of a vocal performance and turns it into something entirely different. This kind of audio processing can be used with a heavy hand to totally transform the human voice, but it can also be used subtly to great effect. Sometimes, all you need is a touch of processing to hit the right notes with a vocal performance, and that’s what we’re going to show you today.

While voice manipulation effects can be created in an audio or video editor using existing audio tools like choruses, flangers, reverb, high and low cut filters, and EQ processing, Voice Changer makes it incredibly simple and easy to get the same result. You can be a complete beginner in the world of audio editing and production and still end up with exactly what you’re looking for when using this plugin.

Sounding like Santa

Voice Changer has three available slots: Character, Effect and Environment. Character allows you to cycle through a range of different character effects that alter the pitch and tone of the voice recording. The Effect slot contains effects that control the timbre and type of processing that is applied to the voice, making it more robotized, organic, or alien. Finally, the Environment slot controls the location that the voice is in, and can be used to make the voice sound more distant, close up, or in a large reflective space. 

For this audio example, we don’t need to use all three slots. The voice actor has given us a decent Santa impression already, so we just need to add a few tweaks to really make it sound believable. 

How to Sound like Santa with Voice Changer

Santa’s voice is traditionally made out to sound quite deep, so in the Character slot on Voice Changer we’ll add the Deep Voice preset. Pushing the Processing knob too far will make Santa sound a bit scary, so we only need to set the dial at 35% to add some jolliness to the vocal. 

We’ll bypass the Effect slot, which makes your voice sound like it’s coming through any device you want. You can emulate old-timey news broadcasts, car radios, walkie-talkie chatter – then tweak the effect using the on-screen dial. 

In the Environment slot, we’ll try and add a bit of atmosphere to Santa’s voice. There are a variety of environments available, including outdoor settings like caves, crypts or canyons, as well as indoor environments like airports, bathrooms and cathedrals. We don’t want Santa’s voice to be completely washed out with reverb, so we’ll add the Old Train Station environment into the slot, which adds a nice atmosphere to the recording. Again, we don’t need to push this too high – a setting of 20% feels just right.

How to Sound like Santa with Voice Changer

Final result

Santa Voice (After)

With just a little processing applied to the vocal, we’ve succeeded in making our voice actor sound just like Santa! Voice Changer can be used for all sorts of transformations, and the descriptive dropdown menu titles will point you in the right direction most of the time, but it’s also up to you to be creative with the plugin. Although there isn’t a dedicated Santa preset on the plugin, by combining different elements in the Character and Environment slots we got there in the end. Take a listen to the finished audio above, and have a go at recording your own Santa messages yourself by trying out Voice Changer now!

December 16, 2021
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