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How to Sync a Sports Video to a Beat 

Use a free plugin to sync your sports content to the beat. It’s quick, effective, and fully explained in this quick example featuring a running video!

Check out the short video below of a runner pounding the pavements around his local neighbourhood. There’s no audio, so we’ll need to add some music to spice things up a bit. There’s room to be a little more creative here, however. Read on to find out how we used BeatMarker, a free Adobe Premiere Pro extension, to quickly sync up the video in an entertaining way. 

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Syncing audio with video

Recording audio and video separately ensures you get the highest quality sound for your project. As you may have experienced, built-in microphones on even the best cameras will never capture sound that’s clean enough for professional work. Using an external microphone will ensure that you have the best possible audio, but it also means that you’ll have to sync the audio with the video afterwards.

How to Sync a Sports Video to a Beat 

There are plenty of options for syncing audio, whether you’re using Adobe Premiere Pro or any other video editing software. A lot of the time this process will involve a lot of lining up audio and video clips together, which can at the very least be a fiddly process. Of course, the complexity of the task will depend on the complexity of the audio files you’re working with – syncing music is not as difficult as syncing dialogue, for instance – but even with a basic edit you need to make sure that the clip is starting and finishing at the right points in the video.

Lining up a track with a video is straightforward enough, but what if we wanted to do something more creative, like syncing the video to the beat of the song? On the face of it this seems like a difficult task, but with BeatMarker it’s easier than you might think!

Edit strategy

Syncing a video to the beat of a song is a stylistic technique that gives the video a pulse, as audio and video fuse together into one rhythm. In other words, it’s a perfect edit for a running video! 

The first step in the process is to open up the video project in Adobe Premiere Pro. Make sure that all the clips are arranged in the order that you want them, and that the background track is loaded into the project files. For this example, we used a track from Music Cellar, our royalty free background music library, which you can actually access within the BeatMarker extension itself.

How to Sync a Sports Video to a Beat 

Next, we’ll right click the audio track and select New Sequence From Clip in the dropdown menu. In the new sequence that we’ve created, we can trim the audio down so that it fits with the time of our video, or so that it only gives BeatMarker a certain section of the song to work with. This is an important step, as you don’t want any long intros or quiet breakdowns to be included if you’re trying to sync to a beat. 

How to Sync a Sports Video to a Beat 

After the song is trimmed the way we want it, we’ll head to the Extensions menu and open up BeatMarker. We can select our song from the project files dropdown menu, and immediately see that BeatMarker is analyzing the video. We’ll increase the number of edits, so that the video has a quicker rhythm, and hit the Create Markers button.

How to Sync a Sports Video to a Beat 

Since the clips are already arranged in the order that we want them, all we need to do is put in and out points on each. Once that’s done, we can go into the Clip menu and click Automate To Sequence. This brings up an options screen, and what we’re interested in here is the Placement parameter. We’ll select At Unnumbered Markers to match up the automation process with the in and out points and hit OK

How to Sync a Sports Video to a Beat 

Now we just wait for BeatMarker to do its magic! Remember, if you’re not happy with the edit that you’ve come up with, you can always right click the clip and hit Clear All Markers to give yourself a blank slate.

How to Sync a Sports Video to a Beat 

Final Result

I bet you didn’t think it was that easy to sync up a video to a music track! With BeatMarker, what would have been a very time consuming and complicated process had we tried other methods, is made simple and stress free. Watching the video now, we can see that the individual clips sync up perfectly with the beat of the track, and the way that they cut in and out makes for a really cool effect. It’s a different look to the original, but we think you’ll agree that it’s much more entertaining.

For more info on editing video to the beat of music, check out our article on the topic. Or, if you’re feeling inspired, try BeatMarker out now and see what it can do for your video projects. Otherwise, stay tuned for future blog content showing you how to use the full range of Accusonus audio software products.

November 18, 2021
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