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How to Turn a Bird into a Dragon Using Voice Changer

Get creative with Voice Changer in this example, and see just how far you can take the human voice 

Take a look at the short animation below, which features a bird transforming into a dragon. Shapeshifting and fantastical creatures might be make-believe, but with Voice Changer nothing is beyond the realms of possibility! In this article we’ll show you how to use your own voice for character design using the amazing modulating voice effects built into the plugin.

→ Skip the hassle, turn your voice into anything! Try Voice Changer and change the character, effect and environment of your audio.

What is Voice Changer?

Voice Changer takes the raw material of a vocal performance and turns it into something entirely different. This kind of audio processing has been carried out in the film industry for years to create iconic sci-fi and fantasy characters. Fortunately, you don’t need voice actors and an entire sound design department to get similar results, and we’ll show you how.

While voice manipulation effects can be created in a DAW or video editor using existing audio tools like choruses, flangers, reverb, high and low cut filters, and EQ processing, Voice Changer makes it incredibly simple and easy to get the same result. You can be a complete beginner in the world of audio editing and production and still end up with exactly what you’re looking for when using this plugin.

Edit strategy 

The first thing we’ll do is to load up Voice Changer on an audio track in our DAW. Like the Audio Clean-Up Assistant, Voice Changer comes with slots that you can add effects to and tweak. Remember, your Voice Changer presets will be stored in a separate folder to your usual ERA plugins. 


Now for the fun part. You know how a dragon sounds, right? Well, let’s get a microphone, arm the track for recording, and capture some dragon noises! Don’t worry, Voice Changer will do most of the hard work, meaning you don’t have to be Benedict Cumberbatch to get a good result. Just try lots of roaring and imaginary fire-breathing, but make sure that your input levels aren’t too high and the signal isn’t clipping.

How to Turn a Bird into a Dragon Using Voice Changer

Once you’ve stopped laughing and have something that sounds relatively dragon-y, we can turn on the Dragon effect in the Character slot of Voice Changer. Depending on how good your dragon performance was, you can twiddle the Processing knob to apply more or less of the effect. Ours was pretty good, so we’ll leave it at 65%. 

Effect and environment

For this particular example, we’ll use Double Voice from the Special FX section of the Effect slot. Just a small amount of processing with this effect can give your voice extra presence. We can choose from a range of locations in the Environment slot to place our dragon in the correct atmosphere. Let’s add Mountain Echo at 10% processing to create a sense of size and space, while also matching the outdoor environment of the animation. 

SFX and background music 

To round off the project we’ll add in a couple of sound effects from SFX Cellar, our premium sound effects library. Firstly, we need to identify a suitable sound for the bird in the animation. SFX Cellar has an Animal sound effects category, so we’ll click through and browse through the various SFX on offer until we find an appropriate bird sound.

We’ll also cue up a flame sound effect at the exact moment that the fire signites in the animation. Mixed in underneath the dragon’s roars, we get an extra layer of fire and brimstone that makes the scene even hotter!

In addition to sound effects, we can quickly and easily conjure up some atmosphere in the video by selecting some background music from Music Cellar. Our royalty-free background music library has a whole host of genres and hand-picked albums to choose from, including Horror. In this album you’ll find a selection of eerie tracks for use in your projects - we’ll choose Day of Chaos.

Final result

The transformation is complete! We’ve used bird and flame sound effects from SFX Cellar, horror style background music from Music Cellar, and created a fire breathing dragon using Voice Changer. By adding each of these elements to the video, we turned a simple animation into something much more. Now all that’s left to do is to sit back and watch the end result below:

November 19, 2021
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