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Lord Finesse: Pushing the boundaries of sampling with Regroover

Lord Finesse talks about his past projects, his future plans and using Regroover

Hailing from The Bronx, New York, Lord Finesse is a hip hop artist and producer pioneer. Over the years, he has worked with artists such as Dr. Dre, Notorious B.I.G., DJ Premier, Mike Shinoda, The Roots, Gang Starr, Fat Joe and others. Best known as leader of the Digging In the Crates Crew, a hip hop collective which got its name from the art of seeking out vinyl records to sample for production (crate digging). Lord Finesse is also the voice of one of the most iconic vocal samples, “Right about now, the funk soul brother. Check it out now, the funk soul brother." in “The Rockafeller Skank" by Fatboy Slim. We caught up with him to ask about his future plans, and how an iconic producer and sampling expert uses Regroover in his current workflow.

Describe the Lord Finesse story: how did it all start?

My story started in the Bronx, following the culture of Hip Hop. From learning how to DJ, to being an MC/Artist to elevating and evolving into a producer.

Which of our past projects you consider most influential/important for today’s musicians? 

I honestly just stumbled upon your latest product Regroover. I''m beyond fascinated & inspired by this plug in. The technology here can be used in so many ways: from cleaning a drum loop, to layering drums, sound replacement, re-sequencing kicks, snares, hi hats etc. 

What is your latest project or what kind of music are you making these days?

My latest project is called The Inevitable (new Lord Finesse LP). My music selection varies based on the project. It's normally Hip Hop, R&B, Funk, Soul, etc. 

How are you using Regroover for your music now?

I'm still new to Regroover, but I'm using it in so many different ways based on the direction of the production. Depending if I'd like to reconstruct a drum loop, change the dynamics & direction of the drum pattern, layer the loop or replace the drum sounds of the loop but keep the current drum pattern. 

What's your workflow (with our without Regroover)?

My workflow consists of Ableton, MPC Renaissance and other Sound Library plug ins (Kontakt, Keyscape etc).

How would you describe Regroover to another music producer friend? 

I would describe it as a must-have based on all of the different ways it can be used especially depending on the mind of the individual. I might use to a certain way but someone else might use it totally different. There's no right or wrong way here if it helps your workflow.

January 26, 2018