A New Era: Introducing ERA 5.2 & Mouth De-Clicker 

Our latest ERA update has arrived 

Here’s What’s New, in ERA 5.2! 

Mouth De-Clicker, our latest audio repair plugin: 

Lip smacks, saliva crackle, mouth clicks - these sounds crop up all-too-often when recording and editing audio. To audiences, they’re incredibly jarring. To content creators, they spell doom in the form of expensive hardware upgrades, unavoidable reshoots, or hours of precious time spent editing. 

That’s why we’ve created Mouth De-Clicker, the newest addition to the ERA bundle! Here’s a quick video: 

Mouth De-Clicker alleviates all of those issues mentioned. The tool scans your audio for mouth noise and highlights it, allowing you to remove it in seconds, instead of hours. Cleaning up audio has never been easier! 

One mouse click, zero mouth clicks. You can read more about it HERE

Mouth De-Clicker is available as part of the ERA 5 Bundle. Existing subscribers and new users alike can now enjoy smooth, polished audio, free of any mouth noise. Additionally, all of the audio repair tools you need, from Noise Removal to Auto Equalization: 

New Audio Clean-Up Assistant Presets, Now Available:

Our Audio Clean-Up Assistant has been fully incorporated with the Mouth De-Clicker plugin. To showcase new capabilities, alongside making Mouth De-Clicking an even easier process, we’ve added four new presets: 

  • Basic Voice Repair
  • Clear Home Podcast
  • Mouth Click Removal
  • Voiceover Clean-Up 

Simply load up the Audio Clean-Up Assistant plugin, select one of the presets available, and finetune your sound swiftly and efficiently. Accusonus’ audio engineers have built the software. They’ve also built these presets. Sprinkle in some of your creativity, and your audio will sound better than ever before, more quickly than ever before. 

You can read about other Audio Clean-Up Features by checking out the tool’s page, here. As always, it’s available as part of the ERA Bundle! 

Final Cut Pro, Big Sur Compatibility, and You:

Users of Big Sur on Intel Processors may have noticed some incompatibility with ERA on Final Cut Pro. We’ve now fixed many of these issues, as of ERA 5.2. 

We’re pleased to announce that all (but one) of our ERA plugins  are now working for users on this platform. The Audio Clean-Up Assistant remains incompatible with Final Cut Pro in Big Sur, as it does with Final Cut Pro in previous macOS versions also. We aim to fix this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out the following pages for best practices, workarounds, and information regarding compatibility.

Until Next Time

It’s always exciting to bring new tools to the ERA bundle. The more content we can enable people to create, the better. 

Stay tuned, and stay creative! 

March 09, 2021