The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

The latest in our regular updates for Voice Changer, this pack contains all you need to simulate Household-based voice effects. From dusty basements to noisy upstairs neighbors, a ton of new possibilities are ready for use.

The first of many new packs are now available for download for Voice Changer! Scenarios from around the home inspire this selection of profiles, allowing you to transform a simple voice recording’s location into various household rooms and environments. Places like a Garage, Empty Basement, or Upstairs Bedroom! 

The update also includes an addition to the existing Creator’s Basic Pack, in the form of an Anime profile

We’ll be covering everything included in the update in this article. Use the side menu to find your new favorite effect quickly, or keep reading for some inspiration. 

→ Skip the hassle, turn your voice into anything! Try Voice Changer and change the character, effect and environment of your audio.

How do I download the update?

Simply launching Voice Changer in any compatible software will result in a prompt to grab the Household Environments pack. 

Our update system is non-invasive, so you won’t have to restart Voice Changer, your editing software, or your computer - it’ll all happen over the air, in moments!

The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

Just click ‘Update on the fly’, and you’ll be good to go. 

"The Household Environments Pack" presets :

Anime Character

A much-requested archetype, you’ll now be able to find the Anime Character profile It is located under the Basic Creator’s Pack, within the Character dial menu: 

The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

Once applied to your voice track, this effect will create a sound that’s familiar to anyone who grew up with Saturday morning anime shows like Dragonball Z, Naruto, or Pokémon. By itself, it increases your pitch, as well as adding some subtle bounciness fit for any anime protagonist. 

You can turn the processing way down for a smooth, low-key effect that suits more modern anime shows. Alternatively, cranking it all the way up can create comedic or old-school effects. Throw in some other profiles, like Cyborg Mask or Mountain Echo, and you’ll be able to replicate scenarios fit for any anime show!

Attic Loft 

Upon loading the Attic Loft preset, you’ll be met with the following: 

The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

There’s actually an environment profile solely dedicated to this sound, loaded for you upon choosing the Attic Loft preset. It's great if you want a medium-sized enclosed space, where voices are likely to be bouncing off of multiple large surfaces.

You'll also see the Epic Movie Trailer and Cellphone profiles loaded, but set to zero by default. As you enable and turn these up, the 'distance' from the voice will increase via deeper tones and slight tinniness. Just use the Attic Loft profile if your audience's POV is in the attic, or try increasing these extra dials if they're in another room or below the entrance!

Big Home Office

Next, we have Big Home Office: 

The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

This preset essentially deepens the voice you’re editing, while also adding reverb. By default, you’ll get a typical boss-at-home vibe, with tones originally meant for a workplace being shifted into a smaller home environment.

You can move the Office dial to make the room sound larger, and/or adjust Epic Movie Trailer dial to add depth to the specific voice you are changing. The central Phone dial is super useful if you want to add some cybernetic distortion - we’ve found it to work really well in simulating a slightly laggy Zoom call, Microsoft Teams meeting, or Skype chat. 

Closed Window

The Closed Window preset is inspired by a situation we’ve all been in. Communicating to someone else through a pane of glass is, well, a bit of a pane. You end up over-emphasizing the wrong syllables, speaking with exaggerated movements, and hearing wrong words. 

Luckily, you can get your voice (actors) to speak normally, then use this preset: 

The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

The Deep Voice profile mimics speaking through glass, with higher processing percentages mimicking thicker panes. Keep the Window (Closed) profile high for the muffled effect that’s synonymous with talking through glass, and sprinkle in some subtle Megaphone effect if it’s feeling too clear a sound. 

Cramped Closet

This one speaks for itself, really: 

The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

There are absolutely loads of movies, tv shows, games, videos where you have characters speaking in a super-enclosed space. Like a closet, for example! Naturally, this preset uses the Closet environment as its primary module.

It can go a lot further, however. The Radio effect shouldn’t be turned up to max, but around 5-15% will make it seem like you’re outside of the closet, listening to whoever’s inside. Alternatively, a little Thin Voice will be useful if the ‘audience’ is inside the closet, hearing the hushed, low whispers of its occupants.

Perfect for housebound horror or thriller types of content, but just as applicable for some kids playing hide and seek, someone playing a prank, and so on. 

Empty Basement 

A dark, Empty Basement will often conjure scenes of childhood nightmares, a fear of the dark, or someplace scary. Our preset does all of those things, but it can also be used for general scenes that occur within an echoey, spacious basement: 

The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

The Basement (Small) dial creates said sound, but you can also adjust the other two dials to determine how far away the ‘listener’ is. By default, they’re set to 0, implying the audience is in the same room as the voice. 


This is very similar to the above basement-themed preset, but for a much more cluttered space: 

The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

Garages often sound wrong in media. That’s because in reality they’re usually full of stuff - the car(s) and adorned walls absorb some degree of sound. The floor and ceiling still generate reverb, though, so it’s a notorious environment to get ‘right.’ 

We think this preset will help. 

Modern Kitchen 

A stereotypical Modern Kitchen is roomy, but not to the point where you’d be wanting to simulate echo or huge amounts of reverb:

The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

Our Kitchen profile works quite nicely for this, as you’ll get the feeling of it being spacious without an emptiness. This can make some voices sound a little higher than usual, so mend them with some subtle Epic Movie Trailer if you find that to be the case.

You can also turn that Phone dial way up. Doing so will give the kitchen a smart home functionality, as if you're calling someone via a smart device or buzzing someone up to an apartment.

Open Window

That Closed Window preset we mentioned earlier? Well, things were feeling a little stuffy, so someone went and opened it up: 

The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

Two people conversing via an open window will still be hitting walls and other obstacles with their voices. The Window (Open) profile caters for that sound, while a faint hint of Thin Voice helps bring the effect forward. This preset also loads the Megaphone filter, set to zero; have a play around with it, as 10-20% can often increase the realism of the scene's sound.

Packed Basement 

This one is great for all kinds of scenarios. A family packing up to move, cozy workshops, some SAW-esque maniacal laboratory... 

The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

Essentially our previous Empty Basement, but now filled to the brim with stuff. Lots of surfaces for a voice to hit and reverberate from, plus hard surfaces. Use it wisely, and you’ll be sounding messier than the Collyer Brothers in no time! 

Patio with a View

Not everyone lives somewhere with a patio. For the people that do, it doesn’t always have much of a view. Fear not, for this preset will make any voice track sound like it’s from a pleasant evening in the afternoon sun: 

The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

Well, kind of. It applies some subtle, pleasant audio optimization via the Patio environment dial. 

Leave the Epic Movie Trailer and Cellphone dials at zero for that mellow sound, or increase them if you want more of a background ambiance/neighbor’s garden style. 

Upstairs Bedroom 

Last but not least, we have the incredible Upstairs Bedroom preset: 

The Household Environments Pack for Voice Changer is Now Available!

Parents shouting that dinner’s ready. Rowdy college roommates being a little too loud. An annoying neighbor in the apartment upstairs, audible to you right now as you read this article. 

There are limitless possibilities with this one. Any audio where two people are communicating between floors of a building will be enriched, sounding as realistic as possible without recording on set. Almost any piece of media that takes place within a house will feature some degree of this preset, so use the most of your Voice Changer and give it a whirl! 

Go Try the new presets for Voice Changer Now 

All of the above is now available to all of our Voice Changer customers. 

If you’re not a Voice Changer user, you can try all of these presets - alongside a load of others - by beginning a free trial:

July 09, 2021
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