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Can I Run Final Cut Pro on Windows?

Final Cut Pro X is an awesome video editor which is well suited for beginners, but what hardware do you need to run it?

Final Cut Pro X is Apple’s professional video editing software, with powerful features geared towards video post-production and creative editing. It has been used on countless commercial video projects. It costs $300.

Can I Use Final Cut Pro on Windows?

Unfortunately you can’t use Final Cut Pro on Windows PCs, as it is an Apple or Mac IOS exclusive application… 

Don’t get too upset though, as there are many Windows friendly programmes that essentially have all the same features and functionality. Some are used by professional video editors and world famous film and tv production companies.

Can I share Final Cut Pro X with Another Computer?

If you purchase Final Cut Pro, you will be able to install and run it on as many Apple computers (that you own or control) as you want, as long as you are signed in to your Apple ID. This means that you will only need to buy it once, and won’t have to repurchase for additional machines, so you can install it on your desktop and laptop.

The licensing works differently for commercial enterprise or educational institutions, with Volume licenses being available for commercial businesses that have multiple employees working on multiple machines.

For full info see item 2 of the Final Cut Pro license agreement.

Can I Run Final Cut Pro X on an iPad?

You can use Final Cut Pro on an iPad using Apple AirPlay/Sidecar with a MacBook Pro. It isn’t actually installed on the iPad, but here the iPad basically works as a remote touch screen monitor. This is useful for editors on the go, but you will need to have your MacBook close at all times, and all files will be stored on the macbook. 

If you want to edit videos on your iPad with native apps (no Macbook required), you can use the iPhotos app for basic video editing (Crop, Trim, Rotate).

There are many video editing apps in the iOS app store. For more advanced features we recommend: 

iMovie - $4

Premier Rush - Subscription

LumaFusion - $28.99

July 29, 2020
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