Avid Media Composer Audio Editing Tools: Trimming, Retiming, Adding Fades

Become a master audio editor in Avid Media Composer with this primer to getting the best from its audio editing tools.

These days, editors are wearing more and more hats in the edit suite, and being able to mix audio is a valuable skill. Once you have your audio in your timeline, quickly adjusting its in/out point is essential to getting it to sound exactly the way you want, so let’s take a quick look at trimming, retiming, and adding fades.

Trimming Audio

Once your clip is in your timeline, you can quickly trim your clip one of two ways. You can use editing functionality via In/Out points, and simply Lift (Z on the keyboard) or Extract (X on the keyboard), to remove the parts of your audio you don’t want. 

If you’d like a more interactive way of adjusting in/out points, you can use Trim mode by hitting U on the keyboard. Once the trim tools is activated, you can now dynamically drag the start or the end of the clip to adjust it’s starting/ending point

Working with Audio Fades

Fading audio in Media Composer works exactly the same as fading video, simply use the Quick Transition Tool to decide your audio fade parameters. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if you’re fading between two audio clips, or just working with a single clip on it’s own, this is the tool you’ll use.

As you can see, the tool is pretty straight forward. Enter the parameters you want, and simply select Add. You can add transitions to multiple edits if you like, by simply selecting the range in your timeline with IN/OUT points, and make sure the Apply to all Transitions (IN >> OUT) is selected. Once you have the transition in your timeline, you can dynamically adjust your fades by making sure the Dynamic Manipulation command is turned on.

Retiming Audio

The best and easiest way to adjust the timing on your audio is through the Time Compression Expansion tool in the Audio Suite Effects. Once you’ve selected it, simply hit the Effect Icon to launch the effects’ parameters and adjust the Ratio dial to speed up or slow down your clip. When working with this tool it’s important to keep in mind that, although it works pretty well, making major adjustments to elements like voice overs will give you wildly varying results.

March 23, 2020