Podcasts & Voice Overs

How To Podcast: An essential guide

An essential guide for any aspiring podcaster

Ready to start your first podcast? Here's all you need to know!

Getting Started

The first episode of this series will help you understand the podcasting trends, the audience's behavior & how to choose a killer topic. It’s important to identify your audience and decide on your goal: is your intention to educate, raise awareness or entertain?

You and your voice are not just a medium but part of the content itself.

What Makes A Great Interview

In the second episode, we are going into interviews: how to find the perfect guest, how to convince your guest to talk to you and how to set up an ideal environment.

Get The Best Out Of Your Voice

The third episode contains useful recording tips: you will learn about mic placements and the importance of setting your gain levels properly, how to practice your breathing with speech techniques and how to edit your audio faster & easier than ever.

Music & Myths

In the fourth episode, we are going into music licensing, truths & myths on copyrighted and royalty free music, and how to make your own jingles!

Stand Out

In the fifth & last episode of our series, we are going into the process of delivering & distributing a podcast, differentiating & promoting yourself and what it takes to spread the word.

April 23, 2019