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Regroover Expansion Pack: SPASM

Modern Techno Grooves for Regroover

SPASM - Modern Techno Grooves

Berlin meets UK based techno collection pack. 4 to the floor beats, dance floor friendly showcasing the latest club trends across EU.
A wide variety of techno and house influenced kits. The kits are influenced by the following sub-genres.

  • Breed Kit (Electro/Breakbeat Techno)
  • Cluster Kit (Progressive Techno)
  • Hidden Gem (Dub Techno/ atmospheric)
  • Kalt Kit (Raw House and Tech/House)
  • Mindhunter Kit (Cave Techno, Berlin Techno) • Pound Kit (Tech House, melodic techno)
  • The Hain Kit (Dark techno/ Berghain)
  • Traum Kit (Techno House, main room)
  • Trend Kit (Progressive psytech)
  • Warehouse Kit (UK warehouse techno)

Audio Quality: 44.1kHz - 24bits
Price: $49

Produced for accusonus by John Valasis

What was your inspiration for the SPASM pack?

John: Clubbing with my friends Kostas and Angelos in Berlin.

Who were the artists that inspired you? Why do you love them?

John: Headless Horseman, Giorgio Gigli, Abstract Division, Gary Beck, DVS1. I really like the way they produce interesting sound textures and soundscapes by layering micro-sounds while still managing to get you on dance floor till the death knock. That’s incredible!

In what other musical genres you see this pack being used?

John: Beyond the obvious use in all the Techno sub-genres such as Progressive, Dark, Cave, UK Techno and more, the pack works well for Progressive and Raw House. In addition, I am pretty sure that some of the included loops could be used as underscore music on video and motion design.

How do you advise Regroover's users to integrate sound packs in their projects?

John: I’d suggest everyone to experiment with the sounds, pushing the limits of their creativity while making use of the super flexible audio engine of Regroover.

SPASM Audio Demo
November 06, 2017