Regroover: Remix your loops on-the-fly using the new Pattern Length setting

Create inspiring beat variations with Regroover's new features

Regroover v1.6 comes with exciting new features that help you create inspiring beat variations from your static audio loops. One of the most prominent new functionalities is that you can adjust is the so-called Pattern Length of a loop when in “HOST” or “PREVIEW” modes. No matter your workflow or your DAW, with Regroover 1.6 you can instantly remix your audio by adjusting the Layers’ marker positions and the Pattern Length.

How it works

The looping points in Regroover are defined by 2 factors:

  1. The Layers’ markers define which area of the specific layer is going to loop on playback. For example, the Layers’ highlighted regions at the top of Fig. 1 represent the Layer loops that we have created with our markers. When the pattern length is set to NONE, the Layers loop asymmetrically with respect to each other. So assuming random marker positions we can typically expect to create interesting polyrhythmic variations.
  2. In 1.6, we introduce the concept of the pattern length that defines a total length for the Regrooved pattern (i.e. the loop that’s produced from the sum of all playing Layers). When the pattern length is set to any other option than NONE, it will affect the endpoint of each Layer’s loop playback. In Fig 1 (bottom) we chose a 4-bar pattern length. For this case the length of Layer 2 is exactly 1 bar and therefore it will play exactly 4 times within our pattern. However, the length of Layer 1 is a bit more than 1 bar and therefore Layers doesn’t fit perfectly in 4 bars. Given our pattern length choice, this means that Layer 1 will not complete its 4th repetition before it restarts looping. 

Note that the pattern length functionality is only available when in HOST or PREVIEW mode. With SYNC enabled, the pattern length options in Regroover Pro are: 1 to 8 bars, CLIP LENGTH and NONE (the last two options are also available in Regroover Essential). 

When jamming inside your DAW project, this workflow offers the means to quickly experiment with each layer’s looping and playback without using MIDI. Therefore, starting with something that before Regroover was considered a “static” audio loop you can now immediately create inspiring rhythmic variations and apply your own signature in your beat productions!

This short video is an overview of Regroover 1.6 new features. Most highly-requested features by users have been added, and more:

August 23, 2017