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How to remove Noise, Echo, Harsh Ess and Plosives from Video in Final Cut Pro X | ERA Bundle

ERA Bundle: the ideal audio repair tool kit for videographers

Repairing poorly recorded audio is a typical challenge for videographers, especially when working with deadlines. It can be a confusing and time consuming task, given the fact that most tools in the market require you to adjust a ton of parameters in order to get results. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary process as in most cases background noises, room acoustics and mic artifacts such as plosives or harsh “s” sounds can be very distracting for your viewers. Controlling environmental variables is not always possible and that’s why we have created the ERA Bundle, the ideal audio repair tool kit for videographers.

This collection of single knob plugins revolutionizes audio repair as it allows you to get great results just by turning a knob. To demonstrate how fast, effective and ridiculously easy to use our ERA plugins are, we’ve used them on two pieces of footage; one that was shot outdoors and one that was shot indoors. 

Watch the before and after comparison for both of our examples in the video below.

In the first example you can hear the background noise from the traffic, some wind rumble and even the wildlife, as well as some plosive thumbs caused by the letters P and B. We’ve used our ERA Noise Remover and ERA Plosive Remover to get rid of noise and plosives.

The second footage is a very good example of audio quality issues when filming indoors. We can hear the room acoustics affecting the sound quality, making it more echoey and hollow. Also we can hear the sharpness or sibilance of the interviewee’s esses. For this example, we’ve used our ERA Reverb Remover in concert with ERA De-Esser

September 24, 2018