Podcasts & Voice Overs

Remove noise, "S" Sounds and Plosives from Podcast Recordings

Using ERA single knob plugins to craft the perfect podcast episode

In the podcasting world, audio quality plays a major role on your listener’s first impression. What we call “listening comfort” is sometimes as important as your content itself. 

We have created the next-generation restoration technology that allows you to repair common audio problems such as noises, harsh esses and plosives with the simple turn of a dial. We wanted to answer questions like how to get rid of wind noise or remove echo using simple audio editing apps like Adobe Audition.

In the video below, you can see how fast and easy it is to significantly  improve the audio quality of your podcast using the ERA Bundle in Audacity. The very same principles apply in Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere and Apple's Final Cut Pro video editors, as these and others allow users to load VST Plugins to process audio.

Crafting the perfect podcast episode can sometimes be tedious and time consuming. Fixing problems with recorded voice shouldn’t! And for video editors, whether you're using Adobe Premiere, Apple's FCPX, Media Composer or Davinci Resolve, we've got the technology and the know-how to help you get more professional-sounding audio in your work.

September 24, 2018