Music Production

Can you "see" the music? Look at the waveforms and tell us which music genre it is!

Try your knowledge, skills and intuition with our waveforms and spectogram quiz!

While most people just listen to music, in the music production world the visual representation of sounds is also important. Anyone who has ever mixed, edited, recorded sounds or created loops, has most likely seen plenty of waveforms. Looking for hours at waveforms and spectrograms can make us more familiar with the characteristics of specific genres.  So we prepared a quiz for you: can you identify the music genre by looking only at the spectrogram and waveform?

It might look tough but be brave and try your knowledge, skills and intuition! 

For each quiz step we selected a sample of 20 seconds, thus all audio files are equal in terms of length. We tried to find the most representative example for each particular genre - have fun!

January 30, 2017