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How to set up virtual instrument multi-output routing in every DAW

Setting up Regroover in every DAW

​Regroover Pro supports up to 16 DAW stereo output tracks that you can use in order to process individual layers with external effects. In practice, you can route Regroover's layers or expansion kit pads to separate tracks in a DAW, allowing for some very flexible processing, using your favourite plugins. This feature offers unparallel flexibility in loop processing, since you can apply effects to individual layers and re-balance or totally remix a drum loop.

Add reverb to a snare, pitch shift a layer and send it to a granular delay to create textures that are rhythmically and musically relevant with your loop, or simply create a group to submix cymbals. Multiple outputs give you extra freedom in your creative process and in Regroover you can set them up in no time.

Below are short video tutorials explaining how to set up multi-output in different DAWs, process pre-made loops and truly make them your own!

Ableton Live

Logic Pro X

Pro Tools

Studio One




FL Studio


January 31, 2018