Twitch Sound Alerts - A Complete Guide

An introduction, guide and how-to manual for one of Twitch’s most exciting new Extensions. Start setting up alerts, customizing sounds and boosting your ratings with our complete guide!

Ah, sound alerts, one of the differentiators in your Twitch content.

If you think configuring an awesome sound effect is going to make your streams exciting then, this post is for you.

And, if you think it’s difficult to find sound effects, set up alerts, customize your sounds and earn revenue, again, this post is for you.

In order to explain the “what”, the “how” and there “where” questions pertaining to twitch alerts, it would be helpful to address the “why” first. 

The answer to this question lies in a very simple-yet effective reward system.

What are cheers on Twitch?

Twitch , viewers “Cheer” to show support, celebrate moments, and amplify their voice on a channel. 

According to Twitch, cheering is the way to show support for streamers and celebrate the moments you love with the community, all right in chat.

What are twitch cheers worth?

These “Cheers” come in various forms native to the twitch platform and are enabled using a simple monetization scheme (virtual good) called Bits. If you are a Partner or an Affiliate, you receive $0.01 for every Bit used to Cheer directly on your channel. 

They also have a non-monetary value, however. A stream that's filled with Cheers (and other styles of support) shows health, as the audience is resonating well with the streamer. Make sure you're taking notice of Cheers and emboldening them with things like sound effects or a stream voice changer. The extra production value goes a long way in showing a caring chat that you, too, care!

How do bits work on twitch?

Bits aren’t only used for Cheering. In extensions, they can be used to power interactive experiences on a channel. Whenever viewers use Bits within extensions (activated on your channel), you get 80% of $0.01 for each Bit used within extensions on your channel. The other 20% goes to the extension developer.   

Having established the motive(s) for using twitch notifications and twitch alerts, let’s briefly cover the technology behind this. 

How do extensions work on twitch?

Extensions are web pages that can be built and customized to your own design, that sit inside Twitch (in a sandboxed iframe) communicating with the platform (via postMessage), in order to provide extra functionality, such as playing sounds and showing video. 

What Are Sound Alerts on Twitch?

As you may have already guessed, Sound Alerts is the name of a highly popular Bits-in-Extension, which allows broadcasters to upload their own sounds or select top sounds from other streamers and assign them to buttons which viewers can press to play the Sound Alert on a stream. 

According to Twitch a Bits-in-Extension lets developers integrate Bits (usually found in Chat) with Extensions, to monetize the experience during a broadcaster’s live stream.

Far from being a simple open source soundboard, streamers with Bits-enabled channels can also set a Bits amount that viewers must use for each sound button, so they can monetize their use of the Extension. 

Sound Alerts includes a leaderboard where viewers can see which sounds are the most popular on each stream. Furthermore, once a viewer initiates a sound on the stream, the Sound Alerts triggers a chatbot message and overlay notification to the streamer. These intuitive elements of the Extension have driven its participation and engagement (not to mention revenue) amongst the Twitch community and ensured its enduring success since its launch. 

How do I turn on and set up Sound Alerts on Twitch?

In order to enable the use of Sound Alerts on your Twitch, you need to allow the website access to your account. 

Twitch Sound Alerts - A Complete Guide

Simply click through to the site, log in to the Extension dashboard with your Twitch credentials and you’re in! 

Twitch Sound Alerts - A Complete Guide

Once inside the Dashboard, you’ll find a clean, easy-to-navigate interface which allows you to preview twitch alerts and add the sounds to your channel’s Extension. 

Twitch Sound Alerts - A Complete Guide

The library of sounds can be found on the far left menu bar and categorizes twitch sound clips according to types such as: Funny, Party, Angry etc. 

Twitch Sound Alerts - A Complete Guide

For the more discerning among us, there’s a handy “search” function that allows you to minimize browsing (although that’s definitely part of the fun you don’t want to miss!). 

In order to experience twitch notifications and stream alerts, you’ll have to head over to and log into your Twitch account. 

Once inside, scroll over to your username,  click the drop down button (top right corner) and go to Settings. 

Within the Settings page, navigate to the Notifications tab. By clicking on the checkbox, you can enable and customise notifications.

Twitch Sound Alerts - A Complete Guide

What are Twitch alerts

Twitch alerts are special notifications that appear during your broadcast, either on the website or apps (on gaming consoles such as XBox, Playstation etc). Alerts can be customized to trigger when something specific occurs, such as a new follower or subscriber, and their visuals and sound effects can both be changed. 

They allow real-time notifications for your viewers, in addition to a backend for giving tips/donations. Essentially, they can be used to integrate follow/subscriber notifications, donation boxes and chat boxes into your stream, all updated live for the enjoyment of your viewers.

How do I customize my Twitch sound alerts?

In order to incorporate alerts into your stream, you need to broadcast from a special piece of Open Broadcaster Software which allows for the use of customized layouts and graphics, scene transitions, and other special features. The stream sounds, alerts and effects themselves are powered by a third-party service which can be linked to software. 

Some great and easy-to-use services are: StreamLabs, Muxy and StreamElements. Each comes with its own bundles of features, add-ons and layouts that will help you to fully customize and enhance your stream channel. 

To start, all you need to do is login to your service of choice with your Twitch account and head to the Dashboard to start integrating the Alert Box, Chat Box and other sources into your stream. 

Once in the Dashboard, you can configure the appearance and graphics used within each of the plugins. 

Of course, the customization and setup is all a matter of personal preference, but bear in mind that these features are intended to boost the perceived quality of your stream, and to help your viewers feel more engaged with your content!

It's also worth considering other ways to embolden your Twitch alerts in other ways. Using a Voice Changer app for Twitch, for example, lets you read out said alerts in new and interesting ways. If you portray a character on stream, or simply if someone in chat is a long-term subscriber or big donator, using some quick voice presets can increase your audience engagement tenfold! Put in the effort, and so will your avid viewers.

Where do I get Twitch Sound Alerts and Effects?

Sound alerts enhance the quality of your stream and together with music, colors, and several other factors, make up your overall brand. Played at the right moment, sounds can surprise or delight your viewers, making them more likely to think highly of your channel.

Like GIFs, sounds are a copyright grey area. As long as they are short enough and aren’t “taking anything away” from an original work, it’s quite unlikely you’ll get into any trouble by  using them. In general though, it’s a good idea when creating (or using) content to keep an eye on copyright laws and adjust your practices as they change.

Though we have you covered! One of the best places to find royalty free sound effects you can use is the SFX Cellar.

You can sign up to SFX Cellar for free, and any music you download is totally royalty free. This means you can use it however you like in your content and you don’t have to worry about content getting taken down or demonetized!

Where to find Royalty-free Sound Sound Alerts and Effects for Twitch

Head over to SFX Cellar. With a free account you get access to highly curated, royalty-free, extreme in quality, sound effects for your Twitch Sound Alerts..

February 09, 2021
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