Video Production

Whoosh the competition with transition sound effects

What are the sounds that help you tell your story, liven up your edits and set you apart from the crowd?

More often than not, great audiovisual story telling is let down when content creators treat the audio component of the term as a mere afterthought. Good foley, careful sound design and memorable soundtracks are surefire weapons in your sonic arsenal, but how do you tie everything together and make sure you’re grabbing (and holding) your audience’s attention? With viewer attention span on the web constantly decreasing, what should you be doing to differentiate yourself and make your videos really make a splash (pun intended)?

Setting aside Foley and soundtrack - which are extremely important features of video content in their own right - transition sound effects are an excellent way to not only add quality to your content, but also help you establish a signature sound for your brand. Adding recognizable whip, zip and whoosh sound effects to your title cards, name tags and transitions energizes them, creates real movement and gives your audience an important auditory queue they can instantly associate with your videos - even if they’re not looking at the screen! 

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Finding the right sounds

As is the case with most of the basic sound effects you should be familiar with, you can choose to either a) source them on the internet or b) create them yourself. There’s no right or wrong way to go about finding the sounds that best fit your content but it’s handy to remember that we’re looking for good quality and instant recognisability. One of the most ubiquitous and useful sound effects is the almighty woosh or whoosh (depending on your Google spelling) and are widely used to accentuate sweeps and transitions for a wide variety of styles and themes.

If you’re looking to download ready made, good-to-go sound effects, there are plenty of free and paid options available; you can start with the free version of SFX cellar. In order to save you some time and get you started as quickly as possible, we’ve compiled our top 10 whoosh sound effects.

Create your own sounds

Say you’ve trawled the internet and aren’t satisfied with your search results for quality whoosh sounds. Or maybe you just don’t really feel like forking over 40 bucks for a huge sound effects library when all you really need is two or three key sounds to highlight the quick cuts in your videos. Perhaps you’re technically proficient enough to venture out into the unknown wilderness that is sound design and feel like creating those personalised, customised transition sound effects that are key to your brand yourself… If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, then why not check out this great little video that demonstrates how anyone with a few very simple pieces of kit (and a bit of imagination) can get started on making their very own whoosh sound effects. For those of you looking to polish up those audio recording skills (or just pick up a few useful tips before you get started), you can always head back to our older Accusonus blog posts, starting with this great one on improving the audio recorded on your phone.

Audio can play a pivotal role in getting you noticed and helping you consistently stand out from the ever growing content creation crowd. You can start forging a strong auditory imprint and personalising your brand using simple and creative sound design techniques today and make that splash!

September 18, 2020