Spice up your loops with Regroover

Transform your loops and open up new possibilities in sampling with Regroover

As electronic music producers, we use all sorts of samples in our productions: samples we have created ourselves, samples from tunes that we like (or don't like), or loops from sample packs. They are often great fun, but can also sound static, boring, and difficult to change. Variation is a key aspect of modern music production. A sampled drum loop for example, makes us commit to a certain rhythmic pattern, but what about changing that pattern? Sometimes we can grab or extract single-shots manually, however, most single shot sounds are mixed inside the sample and unreachable. Regroover solves this problem and breathes new life into your old sound libraries. To demonstrate this, we made the following two videos showing how Regroover helps to spice up a static loop and add originality, and new possibilities for anyone wanting to work with samples in a new way.

Part 1

We'll start out with a fairly busy loop in a modern hip-hop style production. There's a long reverb on the snare, hi-hats, crash, bass with moving pitch and a snare roll at the end. Overall it sounds good but it would be great to have some variations on this theme.
We'll use Regroover's layers and annotations to extract the kick and the snare, which we then trigger from the expansion kit to change the rhythmic pattern.

Part 2

Regroover can drive your inspiration and provoke innovative music-making, essentially helping your productions stand out. When working with the percussive material, there's a lot of room for experimentation with non-conventional sound sources. In this video we use a recording of someone winning some serious coin from a slot machine, while some people are talking in the background. We unmix those sounds with Regroover and layer them on top of the pattern we created in Part 1.

July 26, 2017