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Removing Breath Noise from Narration

Learn how to remove breaths and lung sounds for free in Garageband, Audacity, OBS or any other audio or video editor.
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Restoring and Repairing: An Interview With Baumgartner Restoration

We talk with Julian of Baumgartner Restoration, a popular YouTube Channel that uses the ERA Bundle to deliver top content to an audience of millions!
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Fix Your Audio Fast with an Intelligent Repair Assistant!

Discover how the intelligent Audio Clean-Up Assistant quickly fixes some troublesome audio in this example!
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How to Fix Audio: Breath Noise

Can’t figure out what to do with all that breathing your microphone picked up? Read our guide on how to reduce and remove breath noise using De-Breath
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How To Give Your Podcast an Instantly Professional Sound

See and hear the ERA Clean-up Assistant make short work of sonic problems and quickly bring out the best in this example
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How To Use Audacity - The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to do pretty much everything in Audacity with this comprehensive, easy to follow guide
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How to Improve Audio Quality in Audacity

Audacity is an amazing piece of freeware which can do a lot. Learn how you can use it to get better quality audio
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All You Need To Know About Room Tone

Struggling to get your dialogue to sound natural? You might just need to add some room tone. Here we explore what room tone is and why you need it.
Video Production

Why sound quality can make or break a video – and five easy steps to improve it

Your ability to deliver a professional audio experience has a big connection to how successful your video will be overall – here’s why…

What’s new in ERA 5 Bundle

ERA 5 brings another paradigm shift in smart audio repair 
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The Best Auto EQ Plugins

Want a quick and easy way to perfectly EQ your audio? Auto EQs can get you pro results in seconds. Here we break down some of the best Auto EQs on the market right now.
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How your Room Affects the Sound of a Home Recording, and how to Stop it

Take an in-depth look at room acoustics and how reverb works, and come out with better recordings and superior playback