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Outdoor Recording: How to Make Your Video Sound Clear 

Ever recorded outside, then been stuck with audio full of noise? Minimizing background noise is a surefire way to make your audio more comfortable and listenable. 
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How to Remove Breath and Mouth Sounds from Voice-overs

Learn how to enhance your voiceovers and get them sounding as clear as possible in this example
Podcasts & Voice Overs

Microphone Technique: how to reduce sibilance when recording

What is sibilance in audio? It’s an elusive thing. Most know it’s to do with “ess” sounds, but what are sibilant frequencies and how do you stop them?
Video Production

How to Remove S Sound in Audacity

Recording vocals in Audacity and running into a whole load of annoying ‘s’ sounds? Learn how to get rid of them with our helpful guide!
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How to Tidy up an Outdoor Interview 

Learn how to weather the elements and make your outdoor recordings as clear as possible in this example 
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How to Improve the Audio from a Zoom Call 

Learn how to take dodgy video call recordings and make them easy to listen to in this example. These techniques work for any platform, including Google Meetings, Zoom & Teams recordings! 
Video Production

Why sound quality can make or break a video – and five easy steps to improve it

Your ability to deliver a professional audio experience has a big connection to how successful your video will be overall – here’s why…

What’s new in ERA 5 Bundle

ERA 5 brings another paradigm shift in smart audio repair 
Video Production

10 Types of Noise in Audio and how to Get Rid of it for Good

Noise is an inevitability when recording in an untreated space or with budget equipment. But what are the different types of noise?
Video Production

ERA 4: Community Testimonials

The release of ERA 4 is still buzzing and some prominent community members around the internet have already put out extensive reviews. Hint: they are impressed!
Video Production

How to Fix Audio: Clipping & Leveling

A Comprehensive Guide on Audio Repair: Clipping and Leveling
Video Production

ERA - Video Editing Pack

An essential video editing pack that contains quality materials and FX for the modern videomaker