Podcasts & Voice Overs

Remove noise, "S" Sounds and Plosives from Podcast Recordings

Using ERA single knob plugins to craft the perfect podcast episode

Why removing room echo and excessive reverb is critical for your audio content

Trying to keep the voice sound tight and focused is one of the most challenging tasks in audio editing
Video Production

How to use audio effect plug-ins (VST, Audio Units) in Premiere Pro and Final Cut

Audio effect plugins for Premiere Pro and Final Cut
Podcasts & Voice Overs

Essential Tips for Recording your Podcast #2: Connect and setup your gear (Recording Workflows)

Recording workflows to achieve great sounding results for your podcast
Video Production

Using ERA Single-Knob tools in video editing software

Improve your sound quickly and efficiently using ERA-R and ERA-N
Video Production

Audio restoration in eight easy steps using ERA-D

Fast audio repair with ERA-D
Podcasts & Voice Overs

The Basic Tips of Recording Your Podcast #1: What podcasting gear do you really need?

Hardware recommendations for recording your podcast
Video Production

Denoise is a constant battle. Know the enemy and repair your noisy audio tracks!

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