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Twitch Sound Alerts - A Complete Guide

An introduction, guide and how-to manual for one of Twitch’s most exciting new Extensions. Start setting up alerts, customizing sounds and boosting your ratings with our complete guide!
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10 Best Whoosh Sound Effects From freesound.org

In order to save you some time, we’ve compiled the top 10 whoosh sound effects.
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Whoosh the competition with transition sound effects

What are the sounds that help you tell your story, liven up your edits and set you apart from the crowd?
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Make an Impact Using Sound Effects

Here we discuss what exactly an impact sound is, where can you find them, how can you make them and why we use them.

How to Make Whoosh Sound Effect

We look at how you can create the iconic and much beloved sound effect from scratch
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How to Make Impact Sound effect

Not satisfied with the impact sounds you’ve found online? Read on for a few surefire ways to easily create your very own.

Introducing SFX Cellar

Unlimited, high-quality sound effects (free and paid plans available)
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The Most Iconic And Classic Sound Effects Throughout History

Discover TV and film’s most overused – or some would say classic – sound effects that audio editors have turned to again and again
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9 Creative SFX Sound Design Tricks

Transform your sounds with audio editing and special effects. Here are 10 tips for bringing more power and polish to your creative SFX sound design
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Scene Sound Design Tutorial - Immersive Audio Techniques

Follow along with our free sound packs as we create a realistic sonic journey by selecting sounds and employing essential audio mixing techniques.
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How to Use Stereo and Panning in Video

Create immersive and dramatic audio. Mastering stereo audio and audio panning techniques is as simple as knowing your left from your right!
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How to Add Sound Effects to a Video for YouTube

Got a video you want to show the world but want to add a few sound effects for YouTube? Learn how to import and add sounds to your videos here