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How to make effects using household items

The secret to enhancing the sounds effects in your films and media is likely sitting in your very own home and it’s called Foley. Read on to find out how you can get started!
Video Production

How to Improve Audio Quality in Audacity

Audacity is an amazing piece of freeware which can do a lot. Learn how you can use it to get better quality audio

The Ultimate Guide to Recording in OBS

This guide has everything you need to know on OBS recording. From how to record webcams to the best recording settings for OBS, it’s covered 
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How to make movie trailer voice changer filter in Audacity

Want to sound like a movie trailer voice actor? Use this guide to get that epic movie trailer voice for free in Audacity
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How to Use a Siri Voice Generator on Mac & Windows

Whether you’re looking for a sinister robot voice, or just that funny text to speech sound, a Siri voice generator is a great tool
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How to Make Your Voice Higher

Looking around for tips on how to make your voice sound higher? Here are seven exercises to try at home right now and go up an octave or two. Or three.
Video Production

How to Make Your Voice Raspy and Hoarse

Make your voice sound raspy and feel like a best-selling movie narrator who’s telling a story that needs to be heard.
Video Production

How to use the reverb voice changer effect in Adobe Premiere

Want to up the drama and add excitement to your videos? Learn how to create an ominous and imposing reverb voice changer in Adobe Premiere Pro.
Video Production

Make Monster Voice Changer in Adobe Premiere

Learn how to create a monster voice filter in your video editor with stock plugins, totally free!
Video Production

How to Make a Sound on TikTok and Go Viral

Learn how to create viral sounds on TikTok and how you can hook more viewers, grow your audience, and build a fanbase.
Video Production

Make an Anime Voice Changer in Adobe Premiere

Lets make some Anime Voice Changer effects. You can use your own voice or a standard voice actor to get the effect – here’s how it’s done
Video Production

How to convert WEBM to MP4

MP4s are the most universally compatible video format, so being able to convert WEBM files to MP4 is a very useful skill