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3 Popular Voice Changer Presets from Launch Week

Breaking down 3 Creator Presets that users used the most in launch week. From noisy neighbors to the 90s, how will you use Voice Changer?
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Making Horror Content Scary: Using Horror SFX, Voice Changer, and More!

Horror sound effects, horror voices, horror music - they work together to scare an audience. Impersonate horror movie characters, utilize horror SFX, and beyond
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Introducing Voice Changer: Craft Perfect Voice Effects, Fast 🎤+💻=👹

Sculpt quick & convincing voice effects, fast. Accusonus Voice Changer is an all-in-one virtual sound designer, and powerful voice processing tool! Try it free!
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How to Change Your Voice

Change the way you sound with some simple exercises. Learn how to change your voice at home without the need for a vocal coach or expensive equipment.
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How to Make an Old Radio Voice Changer Filter in Audacity

Recreate the sonics of old timey radio equipment using only free and open-source software
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How to make a robot voice changer filter in Audacity

In this guide we’ll teach you the basics of creating a robot voice changer sound in Audacity, and guide you through the process step-by-step.
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How to Make a Space Marine Voice Changer Filter in Premiere

Learn how to modify voice to sound like space marine or astronaut in Premiere Pro for free in four easy steps
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How to make movie trailer voice changer filter in Audacity

Want to sound like a movie trailer voice actor? Use this guide to get that epic movie trailer voice for free in Audacity
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How to Use a Siri Voice Generator on Mac & Windows

Whether you’re looking for a sinister robot voice, or just that funny text to speech sound, a Siri voice generator is a great tool
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How to Make Your Voice Higher

Looking around for tips on how to make your voice sound higher? Here are seven exercises to try at home right now and go up an octave or two. Or three.
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How to Make Your Voice Raspy and Hoarse

Make your voice sound raspy and feel like a best-selling movie narrator who’s telling a story that needs to be heard.
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How to use the reverb voice changer effect in Adobe Premiere

Want to up the drama and add excitement to your videos? Learn how to create an ominous and imposing reverb voice changer in Adobe Premiere Pro.