Using ERA Single-Knob tools in video editing software

Improve your sound quickly and efficiently using ERA-R and ERA-N

Did you know that according to several studies, the quality of your captured sound strongly influences the perceived overall quality of your video? In fact these two elements (i.e. picture and sound) counter-interact and define the user experience as a whole. But capturing clean audio can be tough, especially when the production cost must be kept low. Most of the times you have to deal with a noisy environment when you shoot on location. Whether it’s background noise, room ambience, excessive reverberation or noise from less-than-ideal recording equipment (e.g. hiss or hum), sometimes you end up with audio that should not be used in your video. But as a videographer you are not a sound expert and honestly you don''t need to! Helping videographers improve their sound quickly and efficiently is exactly what we had in mind when we created our unique ERA single-knob plug-ins.

ERA-N can remove noise from your audio with the turn of a single knob, ERA-R can reduce excessive reverberation (caused by bad room acoustics). The unique functionality of these single-knob tools, is that they allow you to efficiently repair your audio with the turn of a single-knob and allow you to quickly focus on what you do best: make a great video!

All ERA products can be used inside the most common non-linear video editors as audio plug-ins. Either you use Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Premier Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro or Avid's Media Composer, we got you covered. Check out the related video demonstrating the simple but efficient single-knob workflow:

Sony Vegas Pro - ERA-N

Adobe Premiere Pro - ERA-N

Final Cut Pro X - ERA-N

Adobe Premiere Pro - ERA-R

Avid Media Composer - ERA-N

September 25, 2017