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Best Adobe Premiere plugins & extensions to speed up your editing workflow

Adobe Premiere Plugins are great for fast editing. Boost your Premiere Pro workflow with these free premiere plugins! From post production to color grading

Premiere Pro is an amazing, industry standard video editor. It allows you to do a lot of advanced post-production tasks, however, like any software, it does have some limitations. There are certain tasks that it doesn’t do particularly well, or at all - for example, many people prefer to use DaVinci Resolve for its colour grading capabilities.

Fortunately, there are many third party Adobe Premiere plugins and extensions that add extra functionality to Premiere Pro. These pieces of third party software can be used in your Premiere Pro workflow, just like a stock Adobe effect.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best Adobe Premiere plugins - 5 free and 5 paid - so you can improve your video production quality.

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What are plugins in Premiere Pro?

Plugins are third party pieces of software that add features to existing computer programs. Adobe Premiere Pro, alongside other video editors such as Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve and Avid Media Composer, allow you to use plugins within them to perform tasks or create effects that would be otherwise impossible, or time consuming. 

Amongst other things, plugins can be visual effects and audio effects - software such as RE:Visions Effects’ Twixtor offers advanced slow motion tools, whilst Accusonus’ Mouth De-Clicker removes unwanted mouth noise and saliva sounds from voice overs. 

The world of plugin development is highly creative and if there’s a tool you’ve been dreaming of, the chances are somebody has already made it. It’s definitely worth having a Google!

What is Adobe extension?

An Adobe extension is very similar to a plugin. It’s a term used within the Adobe ecosystem to describe software created by third party developers, which can then add functionality to Adobe’s software suite. Companies such as Motion Array, Getty Images and Paymo all offer extensions which can perform a wide variety of tasks.

Extensions can be used to add features to almost all Adobe Creative Cloud products including, but not limited to, Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver. Adobe used to offer a dedicated extension manager called, unsurprisingly, Adobe Extension Manager, however Extension Manager is now discontinued. Extensions are now managed via the Creative Cloud desktop app. 

For a detailed guide on how to install extensions for Creative Cloud apps, check out Adobe’s instructions.

How do you use extensions in Premiere Pro?

Once you’ve installed an extension for Premiere Pro via the Creative Cloud desktop app, using the extension in Premiere Pro is very easy. 

At the bottom of each product page there is a tab called ‘Where To Find It’. Here you’ll find the information you need to locate and use the extension within Premiere Pro.

Many extensions will just appear in the Effects panel, however some effect type extensions may need to be found elsewhere.

How do I speed up video editing in workflow?

Speeding up your Premiere Pro workflow is a surefire way to increase your productivity. It helps you stay in the creative zone for longer, allowing you to get more work done without burning out. 

Here are three quick tips to help you maximize your editing efficiency.

  • Learn your shortcuts

Learning your keyboard shortcuts is a really easy way to speed up your editing workflow, no matter which video editor you’re using.

Identify which tasks you find yourself repeating a lot and look up how to do them using keyboard shortcuts. Maybe there’s a particular tool that you reach for a lot, or you regularly find yourself changing the speed of clips - saving a couple of seconds here and there adds up fast.

  • Organize your assets

When you open up Premiere, it’s totally understandable to want to get cracking on with your edit straight away, but taking a few minutes to organise your audio and video will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Organizing your A-roll, B-roll and audio into different bins will mean you know exactly where to look when searching for a specific piece of media.

  • Create a template

Often, video editors find themselves editing similar videos on a regular basis. Maybe you regularly edit highlight videos of live streams, or how-to tutorials with similar structures. If that sounds like you, you will definitely benefit from making a template.

Templates are saved projects that contain footage, plugins, graphics and other things that you regularly use.  For example, if you regularly edit videos for the same client, you could have their logo pre-loaded as an intro and an outro to the video.

The 5 Best free Adobe Premiere Plugins & Extensions

1. Tokyo Dawn Records TDR Nova

TDR Nova by Tokyo Dawn Records is a dynamic equalizer, which means each band can be set to respond dynamically to the incoming audio signal. This is really useful for finetuning the tonal balance of voice over, sound effects, and beyond. Premiere Pro does come with a stock EQ, however it’s pretty basic and it’s interface is archaic. If you want to up your EQ game, TDR Nova is no brainer, but be sure to check out a more effective tool if you’re equalizing a lot of audio content.

2. Luca Visual Random Text Generator

Random Text Generator is a fun little effect from Luca Visual. This plugin randomly generates text - use it to get that classic, Matrix-style text effect.

3. Andy’s Region Tool

Andy’s Region Tool is a handy, time-saving tool which lets you apply effects to a specific region of your video clip. Quickly apply blur, noise reduction, posterization and more to a section of your video clip, without the need for After Effects track mats.

Though the types of effects that can be applied are slightly limited, if you’re looking for a simple way to mask a number plate or blur a face, Andy’s Region Tool has got you covered.

4. Jarle’s Premiere Pro Presets version 4.0

Jarle’s Premiere Pro Presets version 4.0 is a powerful bank of 106 presets that you can quickly import into your Premiere projects to get instant effects, color grading looks, and more.  

Created by Jarle Leirpoll, this pack has been downloaded over 375,000 times and it’s easy to see why.

5. CoreMelt VeeYou V2

The final entry in our free plugin countdown is particularly useful for anyone making audio-related content. VeeYou V2 by CoreMelt gives users the power to create animated VU meters, EQs, spectrum analyzers and other audio metering devices that react to the audio in your project.

VeeYou V2 is actually 14 plugins, each one allowing you to create a different type of animation. Animated audio devices automatically scale to your Premiere Pro project, so they’re always at optimum resolution.

The 5 Best paid Adobe Premiere Plugins & Extensions

1. Accusonus ERA 5 Bundle

From $7.99/month

The ERA Bundle is an industry leading, one stop audio clean-up solution. The bundle comes with plugins that are both easy-to-use and powerful, able to fix any audio repair problem you have, even if you have absolutely zero audio knowledge. 

The full list of plugins included are as follows: Noise Remover, Voice Auto-EQ, Voice Leveler, Voice Deepener, Reverb Remover, Mouth De-Clicker, De-Esser, De-Clipper, Plosive Remover and the Audio Clean-Up Assistant.

2. Digital Anarchy Flicker Free 


Flicker Free from Digital Anarchy does one job, but it does it really well. Originally developed to remove the flickering that can occur in time lapses, Flicker Free also works very well on flicker coming from fluorescent lights, computer screens, drone footage and more. To see it in action, check out the demo video above.

You may not find yourself using Flicker Free on every video you work on, but when you need it Flicker Free, will sort you out in seconds!

3. Boris FX Mocha Pro

$295/year, $37/month

What do Bryan Cranston, Claire Foye and Mocha Pro by Boris FX have in common? They’re all Emmy winners!

Mocha Pro is an industry leading motion tracking plugin which has been used on many blockbuster movies and TV shows, including The Mandalorian, Stranger Things and Avengers: Endgame. It’s not a plugin that your average online content creator will have use for, but if you’re interested in delving into the world of VFX, it’s definitely worth investing in.

4. Red Magic Bullet Suite 14


Red Magic Bullet Suite 14 does have a hefty price tag, but included within it are 7 exceptional color correction, finishing and film-look plugins that will add that cinematic, professional edge to your productions.

Inside you’ll find tools for denoising video footage, adding realistic film texture and grain, powerful color grading and much more. It also comes with over 300 presets which is a godsend when working to a deadline.

5. NewBlue Stabilizer


The traditional way to avoid shaky footage is to eliminate it at the point of shooting. Camera dollies, Steadicams and tripods are all great ways of minimizing actual in-camera motion, however they can be expensive, and sometimes you just don’t have the right gear with you.

Fortunately, digital editing technology lets us now remove shake artificially in post. Adobe Premiere Pro does have in-built stabilization, however the folks at NewBlue have taken it to the next level with Stabilizer. Bonus features in Stabilizer include Steadicam emulation, stabilization without a stationary point and advanced parameter fine tuning.

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April 16, 2021
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