Video Production

Free Sound Effects for Video Editing: Download 60 Minutes of Background Ambiences

Set the Mood with Sound

An often overlooked but entirely essential aspect of creating an immersive video experience is ambient sound. Just like life, videos should be a multi-sensory experience. If you want your audience to feel like they’re really walking down a busy urban street, what better way to convey it than with city sounds like traffic rushing past them, a subway rumbling below their feet or the chatter of people bustling by?

Getting your own custom recordings like these can be difficult. To get high-quality ambient sound, you need to actually go to the location, you need expensive equipment, and you need the technical know-how to get a clean recording.

Often actually going to a location to record sound is impossible, especially for videographers working on a tight budget and time scale. That’s where a resource like SFX Cellar comes in handy. Packed with thousands of royalty-free sound effects for use in your video projects you’ll be sure to find the perfect ambient sounds for your videos, all without having to get up from your desk!

June 05, 2019