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Free Sound Effects for Video Editing: Download 100 Royalty-Free Impact SFX

The King of Sound Effects

Impact sounds effects are everywhere in modern filmmaking. From dramatic trailers to action packed fight scenes, explosions, booms and brahms are a mainstay of the modern blockbuster.

SFX Cellar - Impact 05

A trip to the movies these days wouldn’t be complete without hearing an impact sound effect about 20 times before the movie’s even begun. Professional sound designers love them, and that’s why adding a few cinematic impacts to your own creations can go a long way to giving them that big-budget feel.

Discover the Free SFX Cellar Impact SFX Pack

It may be tempting to just use free screen recording software to rip the classic Inception “BRAHM” sound effect from a YouTube video and throw it into your video project, but there are a couple of reasons why that’s not a great idea.

Firstly, the quality isn't going to be great. YouTube and online video platforms like it compress audio to make it streamable – and when your version is uploaded, this process will happen again. This means that audio you get via this method will lack clarity which can really detract from the cinematic feeling you’re aiming for.

Secondly, it’s totally illegal! Sound effects are created by sound designers and, unless you’ve purchased them, the rights are owned either by the designer or by a huge movie studio. That’s why a royalty-free pack like the SFX Cellar - Impact SFX Pack is really useful. Every sound in this pack, and in the rest of our SFX Cellar, is totally royalty-free, meaning you can use them without having to worry about licensing, sync deals, royalties or any of that jazz.  

Below we’ve cherry-picked a few choice sounds from our SFX Cellar - Impact SFX Pack to illustrate where you could use them in your video creations.

Using SFX to Ramp up Tension in a Trailer

If you’re promoting your latest action video online then you’re going to want a professional, tense trailer to get people excited about checking out your movie - that’s where a few impact sounds from the SFX Cellar - Impact SFX Pack can make a big difference.

You can ramp up the tension by playing increasingly dramatic impacts one after the other as the onscreen video gets more and more exciting.

For example, you may start with a metal impact sound effect

SFX Cellar - Impact 04

…before playing a thud sound effect

SFX Cellar- Impact 07

After that, keep building the tension with bigger and bigger sounding impacts until your trailer crescendos with a sound like an impact sound effect

SFX Cellar- Impact 60

…followed by your lead character saying a witty one liner as a building explodes behind them. If that doesn’t get your viewers scrambling to the full video, then we don’t know what will.

Remove Background Audio for Increased Impact

One cool way to use an impact is to remove ambient background noise for a particularly dramatic moment. Let’s take a scene set in a busy street – you may even have some clips from our free SFX Cellar - Background Ambiences Pack playing in the background to set the scene. 

Say a bad guy suddenly hits our lead character in the head. A sound from our SFX Cellar - Impact SFX Pack such as a hit sound effect

SFX Cellar- Impact 79

...could play as the on screen impact occurs, and at the same time all background audio could drop out signifying our protagonist has been temporarily deafened by the impact.

Rolling off a high-pass filter on the city sounds could then signify our main character gradually regaining their bearings as they recover from the attack before our fight scene begins in earnest.

It’s really important to get the timing of impacts right. More often or not, they are used to drive home an action happening on-screen, so they have to line up perfectly. This can be tricky to achieve, luckily we’ve got a guide to lining up your sound effects like a pro over on our blog.

So if you’re ready to add some impact to your videos then download the ‘SFX Cellar - Impact SFX Pack’ pack below

June 05, 2019
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