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Free Sound Effects for Video Editing: Download 100 Royalty-Free Impact SFX

The King of Sound Effects

Impact sounds effects are everywhere in modern filmmaking. From dramatic trailers to action packed fight scenes, explosions, booms and brahms are a mainstay of the modern blockbuster.

A trip to the movies these days wouldn’t be complete without hearing an impact sound effect about 20 times before the movie’s even begun. Professional sound designers love them, and that’s why adding a few cinematic impacts to your own creations can go a long way to giving them that big-budget feel.

If you’re promoting your latest action video online then you’re going to want a professional, tense trailer to get people excited about checking out your movie - that’s where a few impact sounds from the Impact SFX Pack can make a big difference.You can ramp up the tension by playing increasingly dramatic impacts one after the other as the onscreen video gets more and more exciting.

June 05, 2019