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Free Sound Effects for Video Editing: Download 60 Minutes of Weather Sounds

Create an immersive video experience

For a truly organic-feeling outdoor scene, it’s essential to create a multi-sensory world for your viewers to become immersed in. A walk through a forest on a rainy day suddenly becomes a lot more real with calming rain sounds filling your audience's ears.

That’s why it’s so important for filmmakers to have a bank of weather recordings like thunder crackles, strong wind, ocean waves and heavy rain to use in their projects. It’d be great to get these recordings yourself, but the annoying thing about the weather is you can’t control it. You could spend weeks waiting for a thunderstorm if you wanted to record it yourself, but that’s just unrealistic. 

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a pack of some essential weather recordings to download for free below.

→ Download Now: The free wind, ocean and weather SFX pack and discover thousands of royalty-free sound effects. Updated weekly.

Discover the Free SFX Cellar Weather SFX Pack

In our SFX Cellar - Weather SFX Pack, you’ll find nearly a gigabyte of stunning stereo recordings of winter wind howling through the trees, ocean ambience, pealing thunder and much more, all in lossless WAV format (there’s also an mp3 option if hard drive space is a priority).

These sounds are all royalty-free, meaning you can use them in any of your projects without worrying about any copyright issues – just download them, stick them in your project and you’re done!

‘Sheltering from the Storm’ Sound Design with the SFX Cellar - Weather SFX Pack

Say you want to give the impression you’re stuck in a cabin in the mountains waiting for a storm to die down outside. You’ll want some pretty dramatic background audio for a scene like this. To start with, you’ll probably want some wind, let’s look in the SFX Cellar - Weather SFX Pack for some appropriate audio. 

SFX Cellar - Winter Wind Howling

If you listen to the above clip with headphones, you’ll notice that it's a stereo recording, making it totally immersive. 

We don’t want to stop there, let’s layer in some more sounds from the weather SFX pack. Some rain would add to the scene nicely, let’s layer in the audio SFX Cellar - Heavy Rain.

SFX Cellar - Heavy Rain

Using SFX to go on an Ocean-side Stroll

Let’s look at another scenario where we could use the sounds from the Accusonus SFX Cellar - Weather SFX Pack to great effect: walking along the beach.

It goes without saying that an audio clip called SFX Cellar - Ocean Ambience With Seagulls would be perfect here.

SFX Cellar - Ocean Ambience With Seagulls

Load this into your NLE project, and already you’re transported to the sea front. Let’s not stop there – some more pronounced waves would be fantastic. 

There are a few different options available in this Weather SFX Pack: we can take our pick from SFX Cellar - Waves On A Beach With Distant Birds, SFX Cellar - Slow Ocean Waves or SFX Cellar - Distant Ocean Waves depending on which suits your scene best. Let’s go for the second one for now.

SFX Cellar - Slow Ocean Waves

If you’re walking along the beach, the waves are going to be to one side of you, so to recreate this in our audio mix we can pan our waves. Panning is a fantastic tool for building an immersive sound stage, it positions objects in space around the viewer enveloping them in the scene. For an in depth guide to scene sound design then check out our guide.

There are weather sounds to suit most of your outdoor scene needs, they also pair fantastically with our other free Background Ambiences SFX Pack. Why not combo some royalty-free birdsong sounds from that pack with some light rain to create a rainforest ambience? Head over to our SFX Cellar, download some sounds, use your imagination and get creative!

→ Download Now: The free wind, ocean and weather SFX pack and discover thousands of royalty-free sound effects. Updated weekly.
June 05, 2019