Introducing SFX Cellar

Unlimited, high-quality sound effects (free and paid plans available)

Ask any marketer and they will tell you that it's not recommended to start a product blog with a self-reference. Scratch that! We have to tell you some things about accusonus to explain why we are releasing the world’s most affordable library for high-quality sound effects.

At accusonus we are passionate about sound. We are one of the first companies that ever released Machine-Learning software to improve the lives of musicians and sound engineers. But we then realised that sound matters for every creator and not just for the sound professionals. So we went on a mission. We focused our scientific skills and creativity into developing products that will improve audio for everyone. Today, our critically-acclaimed ERA Bundle is the market-leading solution for fast audio cleanup. Hundreds of thousands of creators are using our products to improve their audio everyday. 

If you use ERA Bundle, you already know that creating a professional voice-over is a huge step forward. But what if you can take your content to the next level?

Today everyone is exposed to expensive productions and expects your content to sound like a blockbuster! Meet SFX Cellar, the most affordable solution for high-quality sound effects. Background ambiences, nature and weather sounds, transitions, impacts and whooshes, UI effects, thuds, cinematic soundscapes and more! Use SFX Cellar’s carefully-curated sounds and you’ll be able to engage with your audience like never before. 

So, except from the unbeatable price point, what else makes SFX Cellar stand out from the other solutions? 

Superior quality sound effects

Every Cellar sound has been carefully chosen between hundreds of similar samples in order to guarantee that you'll only use the world's top content. The audio quality of every audio excerpt has been thoroughly checked and has been approved by our team of audio scientists.

No need to hire a professional to make your content stand out. We only offer top-notch quality sounds that will definitely increase your production value.

Find your sound fast

How much does your time worth? Do you really have the luxury to spend hours browsing for low-quality freebies, just to find a sound that kind-of-works for your content? We all started with free sound samples. And in fact, we have assembled an amazing SFX collection and made it available entirely for free to help you start exploring the world of sound design. But after a point we all realized that our most precious asset is our time.

SFX Cellar will help you find the perfect sound quickly and focus on the creative part of your work. 

The simplest licensing scheme

The SFX Cellar sound effects are ready-to-use for any purpose without further license or additional fees. Our licensing scheme is simple. As long as you have an active subscription you can download unlimited sound effects and use them in any production, on any platform worldwide: from YouTube, vimeo and other social media videos to advertisements, podcasts, commercial films and blockbusters. 

Ever-growing library 

With a simple subscription you get all the sounds you'll ever need in one place. On top of that, we are constantly adding fresh sounds to ensure that you will always be up to date with the current trends. 

SFX Cellar comes in 2 flavors: SFX Cellar Free and SFX Cellar Premium. Signup for free and boost your production value with superior sounds!

September 04, 2020
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