Best Mixcloud Stream Settings for Optimal Sound

Get the best sound quality for your Mixcloud live stream, learn the best Mixcloud stream settings when using OBS with Mixcloud Live and how to use Mixcloud

Mixcloud is an online streaming platform that is designed to be used for radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts. Recently Mixcloud introduced Mixcloud Live, a live streaming service which allows creators on the platform to stream their shows live. 

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Best Mixcloud Stream Settings for Optimal Sound

If you’re playing music in your Mixcloud live stream, or just hosting a talk show or podcast, you’ll want the best audio quality. In this article we’ll go over the essentials of Mixloud sound quality, Mixcloud steam settings and how to use Mixcloud in general.

In order to do the best Mixcloud live stream you can, you need to use a third party streaming platform. Mixcloud themselves recommend OBS so here we’ll show you how to use Mixcloud with OBS, and how to get the best Mixcloud sound quality using OBS.

One final note, Mixcloud offers two paid subscriptions: Mixcloud Premium and Mixcloud Pro. In order to livestream without copyright takedowns you will need to subscribe to Mixcloud Pro.

What bitrate does Mixcloud stream at?

Mixcloud allows audio streaming at up to 320kbps. This is equivalent to the highest bit rate that an MP3 file can be. Of Course it’s not as high quality as a WAV file - CD quality WAVs tend to run at 1,411kbps - but for a livestream 320kbps is really good quality and most audience members won’t have a problem with it. 

Best Mixcloud Stream Settings for Optimal Sound

320kbps is also a much higher bit rate than most other live stream services allow. Twitch, the most popular live streaming platform, only streams audio at up to 128 Kbps.

We’re talking about audio here, but if you want to know about video bitrate check out our guide.

Best OBS audio settings for streaming

Here’s a short guide on how to get the best Mixcloud stream settings for audio quality using OBS.

Step 1: Set up your video

The first step is to set up the visual part of your stream. This article is focused on Mixcloud stream settings for audio, so we won’t go into how to set up video here. However, you can find a guide on how to set up video inputs in OBS in our ultimate OBS recording guide.

Step 2: Create an Audio Input Capture

Next you need to route your audio into OBS. For the purpose of this article we’ll assume that you have set up all your audio equipment whether you’re using microphones, DJ decks, a mixer or any other external audio devices. We’ll also assume that you have audio routed back into the computer you’re using for live streaming. 

To set up an Audio Input Capture device go to the Sources panel at the bottom of the OBS interface and click the ‘+’ icon. A menu will open, select Audio Input Capture.

Best Mixcloud Stream Settings for Optimal Sound

A window will open prompting you to name your input. Name it whatever you like.

Best Mixcloud Stream Settings for Optimal Sound

In the next window select your audio input device.

Best Mixcloud Stream Settings for Optimal Sound

Step 3: Fine tune the Mixcloud stream settings

Finally it’s time to adjust the audio settings of your livestream. Click the Settings button in the bottom right hand corner of OBS and then open the Audio panel.

Open the Sample Rate drop down menu and select 48kHz.

Best Mixcloud Stream Settings for Optimal Sound

Next let’s adjust the bitrate of the stream. Go to the Output tab and under the Audio Bitrate drop down menu select 320.

Best Mixcloud Stream Settings for Optimal Sound

Press OK.

Now with your audio input set up correctly and your sample rate and bitrate set to maximum, you will be able to live stream using OBS and get the best Mixcloud sound quality.

Optional: Add plugins to your audio chain

For truly professional sound quality in your Mixcloud live stream we recommend using a few OBS plugins to clean up and enhance your audio. An EQ and a voice leveler or compressor are always a good idea on any voice channels in your livestream. It will make voices a consistent volume and help them sound crisp and clear.

Additionally you can use creative effects on your voice to add drama or comedic value to your streams. If that sounds interesting to you then check out Voice Changer for OBS to apply characters, environments and effects to your voice and enhance your Mixcloud live streams.

Having problems with audio delay in your Mixcloud live stream? Solve it easily with these audio delay fixes.

Mixcloud Live is an excellent option for anyone looking to live stream DJ sets or host live radio shows containing music. Not only is it great for streamers, but it’s also great for musicians. Mixcloud’s model means that artists get paid for their music, so it’s fair for everyone.

October 20, 2021
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