How to Go Live on Restream

Restream is a service for simultaneously going live on sites like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Learn how to stream on Restream optimally with this quick guide! From your Restream audio setup to broadcasting.

Live streaming is big right now. There’s no better way to engage with your audience than by chatting to them in person, live. However, all the major social media platforms have cottoned on, and as a result there are countless platforms to live stream on.

How to Go Live on Restream

Sites like Twitch are dedicated live streaming platforms, streaming sites like YouTube and Mixcloud have started offering live content, and social media titans such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are also getting in on the live stream game. That’s great for content creators and businesses, but it also presents a problem: how do you reach different users on different platforms when you, as an individual, can only do one livestream at a time?

That’s where Restream comes in.

Restream is a powerful tool that lets you livestream to 30+ of the most popular live stream sites simultaneously. From one central hub you can reach all your different audiences, and live chat with them without switching between countless tabs. It also offers Restream Studio, a great tool for designing professional livestreams with no technical experience.

Let’s dive in and learn how to use restream?; How does restream work?; How to set up restream?; Is there an app for Restream io?; Why can't my stream hear my audio on restream?; And more.

What is Restream?

Restream is an online platform providing a central place from which you can control your accounts on multiple streaming platforms simultaneously. 

With Restream you can multistream to many streaming platforms, schedule pre recorded videos to stream at any given time, reply to messages on multiple streaming platforms from a central point, and access streaming analytics from all your platforms in one central location.

What is Restreamio? is the website for the Restream platform. The “.io” domain tends to be used by technology companies and open source projects.

What is Restream and how does it work?

Restream lets you control your accounts on 30+ multiple live streaming platforms from one central hub. You can, for example, livestream the same stream to Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube simultaneously, and reply to messages on all of these platforms. You can then compare analytics from all of these platforms in one place using Restreamio.

How does restream work

Restream is a very simple but effective platform. Once you have created an account you have the ability to add destinations. This is where you add all your social accounts where you can livestream to. Once Restream io has this information, when you go live on Restream, your live stream will automatically be pushed to all of your social accounts.

What can Restream do? has four core functions (but it can do a lot within that). In its simplest form Restream can:

  • Multistream to 30+ social platforms simultaneously
  • Schedule pre recorded videos to stream live
  • Chat with your followers on different platforms from one central hub
  • Provide Analytics for all your social accounts in one place

Is Restream safe to use?

Yes, restream is safe to use. However it does add a slight delay into your livestream set up which could cause you issues if you need to respond to chat messages very quickly.

What is Restream studio?

Restream Studio is Restream’s dedicated desktop broadcasting software. It’s similar to platforms such as OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS – with Restream Studio you can personalise the look and feel of your streams, seamlessly invite guests to join you and video sources, incorporate your live chat and much more.

Is Restream Studio free?

Yes, Restream Studio is available as part of the free Restream plan.

How to use restream

Restream is very simple and intuitive to use, let’s look at how to do it.

How to set up restream

Here’s how to get started and connect your social accounts to Restream.

Step 1: Create a Restream account

How to Go Live on Restream

The first step is to create a Restream account. This can be done on the homepage.

You will be prompted to select a paid plan but you don’t need to do this, Restream’s free option provides plenty of functionality.

Step 2: Add Destinations

Once you have an account, head to the Restream home. From here you can connect your various social accounts.

Scroll down until you see a blue button labelled Add Destination

How to Go Live on Restream

Click it, and a window will open with options for all the social sites that can be connected to Restream. Add your various accounts.

How to Go Live on Restream

Now your Restream account is set up and connected to all of your preferred live streaming platforms.

How do I set up multistream?

Streaming to multiple destinations in Restream Studio is very easy.

Step 1: Create a livestream with Restream

From the Restream home, click the button labelled Stream with Studio.

How to Go Live on Restream

You will be taken to a page where you can name your stream and set up audio and video preferences. Once you’re happy click Join Stream.

Step 2: Add Destinations

You will now find yourself in Restream Studio. At the top of the Studio workspace there is a button labeled Add Destination.

Clicking on this will open up a window giving you all the possible social accounts you can stream to using Restream. 

How to Go Live on Restream

Select the platforms you wish to multi stream to. Now click the Go Live button and you will automatically be multistreaming to all your platforms.

How do I share screen with Restream?

Restream Studio has a screen sharing tool built in making it very easy to share a presentation or demo a product in your livestream. The interface is similar to Zoom, Google Meet or other video conferencing platforms, so if you’re familiar with screen sharing in video calls it will be a breeze in Restream.

Below the main video window in Restream studio is a bar with several quick tools. Here you can mute your microphone, turn off your video and more. 

How to Go Live on Restream

The third button in from the left is the Screen Share tool. Click it and you will be asked if you want to share your screen.

How to Go Live on Restream

Click Start Screen Sharing and you’re good to go!

Can Restream use multiple cameras?

You cannot use multiple cameras with Restream studio. However, you can use a third party encoder such as OBS Studio with Restream to set up more complex livestreams with multiple cameras.

You can invite guests to your Restream Studio live streams which is quite similar to having multiple cameras. Your guests will have to have their own Restream account, but it’s easy to set up. Just click the invite guests button in the toolbar below the main screen in Restream Studio and send your guests the provided link.

How to Go Live on Restream

Can I use virtual background in Restream?

Yes, Restream Studio has a virtual background tool built right into its workflow.

On the right hand side of the Restream UI you’ll find a workspace with three tabs: Chat, Captions and Graphics. Open the Graphics tab.

How to Go Live on Restream

Scroll down until you reach the Background section. Here you can choose from several stylish still and moving backgrounds. You can also upload your own images.

How to Go Live on Restream

How do you go live on Restream?

How do I start a stream Restream?

To start a stream with Restream Studio, all you have to do is click the Go Live button in the top right hand corner of the interface. 

How do you sync audio while streaming?

If your audio and video are out of sync on your Restream live stream, there are a few troubleshooting techniques you can try.

  • Make sure your input and output devices are set correctly for both audio and video.
  • Set your audio codec settings to 44100kHz. 48000kHz and above can cause sound issues in your stream.
  • If the lag is only occurring on some streaming sites but not others, then the issue is probably with the processing on the specific site. Check your stream corresponds with their audio and video requirements.
  • It’s a classic, but try turning your devices off then on.
  • If streaming from Restream Studio, try refreshing the page. Sometimes the lag is caused by connectivity issues and is easily resolved.

How do I Restream YouTube live?

In Restream Studio, click the button Add Destination. Select YouTube Live and login to your Google account. You can now stream to YouTube Live with Restream

How do you Restream on LinkedIn live?

To livestream to LinkedIn Live with Restream, click the Add Destination button in Restream Studio. A list of all available streaming platforms will open. Select LinkedIn live and login.

How do you privately stream on Restream?

Private streaming is useful for testing out how a stream looks and sounds. It’s also good if you only want a small group of people to see the stream.

There isn’t a native way to set up a private stream in Restream, however YouTube Live provides unlisted streaming which you can use to set up a private stream.

Does Restream work with Instagram?

Restream cannot directly livestream to Instagram Live. However it is possible to stream to Instagram with Restream using a third party program called Yellow Duck. We explain more about this in a later section.

Can Restream stream to TikTok?

Yes it can. However, only a limited number of TikTok users currently have access to TikTok’s live stream functionality – you will have to have this privilege to livestream to TikTok from Restream.

Does yellow duck work with Restream?

Yes, Yellow Duck can be used to livestream to Instagram from Restream. Instagram doesn’t generate an RTMP stream key which means you normally can’t stream to it from third party platforms. However, Yellow Duck generated a streak key for you using your Instagram details so you can connect to third party streaming platforms such as Restream Studio, OBS Studio, and more.

How long can you stream for on Restream?

Restream doesn’t have a limit on how long you can stream for. However, the platforms you are streaming to from Restream may have limits. For example, LinkedIn has a stream length limit of 4 hours, YouTube 12 hours and Facebook 8 hours.

So, whilst Restream doesn’t have its own limit, your stream length will be limited by which social platforms your stream is being pushed to.

Does Restream work with Livestream?

Yes, Restream is a dedicated livestream tool which allows you to control livestreams on multiple social platforms simultaneously. You can choose from 30+ streaming platforms to stream to so most live streaming sites are covered.

Is there an app for Restream?

There isn’t a dedicated Restream app, however you can still stream from your phone by logging into Restream Studio on your mobile phone's browser.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a dedicated app, you can use a third party such as Streamlabs or Larix Broadcaster. Both of these apps can connect to Restream so you can stream to all your favourite platforms via Restream from a mobile app.

How do you Restream on an IPAD?

There are two ways to use Restream on an iPad. 

The easiest way is to login to Restream Studio on the browser on your iPad and stream as you would from your laptop.

The second option is to download a third party encoder app. A couple of good options are Streamlabs or Larix Broadcaster. Both of these apps allow you to stream through Restream to 30+ streaming platforms.

Can I record on Restream?

Restream has excellent recording functionality built right in. This is very useful for uploading live streams to your social accounts after the fact, so fans and followers who missed the live stream can still keep up to date with you and what you’re up to.

However, recording is only available to those on a paid for Restream plan.

Restream’s plans start from $16/month (billed annually), which is a good deal if you’re regularly streaming for your work or business.

If you have recording activated via a paid Restream plan, all you have to do to record your stream is flick the Recording switch in the top of the Restream Studio interface.

How to Go Live on Restream

Top Tip: third part encoders such as OBS Studio let you record your streams for free. It’s a bit more complicated to set up but if you stream through restream with OBS, you don’t have to worry about paying to record. Learn more about recording in OBS.

How can I make my stream sound better?

Here are a few quick ways you can improve the audio quality in your Restream livestream.

1. Get a microphone

Investing in a USB microphone or an XLR microphone with an audio interface is a must if you want to have professional quality audio in your livestreams.

If you don’t know much about microphones, check out our guide to picking the right microphone for you on the accusonus blog.

2. Reduce background noise

Make sure you stream from as quiet an environment as possible. This means close windows to reduce street noise, turn off fans and air conditioning, and close doors to other rooms.

If you want to learn more about reducing noise, read our guide on 10 types of noise and how to fix them.

3. Get high quality background music

If you’re using a program such as OBS you can easily add background music to your streams for added atmosphere. However, the music must be royalty free or you’ll get a copyright strike.

The best place to get high quality, royalty free music for your content is SFX cellar. If you want to learn how to add background music to a stream using OBS Studio.

Does Restream reduce quality?

No it doesn’t. Restream takes the exact signal you send them and distributes it out to other platforms. Any loss of quality will be on the end of the streaming platforms you’re using.

Restream is a great tool for reaching your audiences on different social media platforms. If you want to learn more about the individual streaming platforms out there, read about Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, Mixcloud Live and Discord on our blog.

November 25, 2021
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