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Make Monster Voice Changer in Adobe Premiere

Learn how to create a monster voice filter in your video editor with stock plugins, totally free!

There are many famous monsters in TV and film. The cookie monster voice, dalek voice and the big mouth hormone monster voice are all iconic and instantly recognisable.

If you’re creating a monster voice changer for your project you want it to be unique, but there are a few basic ideas you can use to base your monster voice changer effect on. In this article we’re going to be showing you how you can use stock effects and techniques in your video editor to create an amazing monster voice!

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Create a monster voice changer filter

Bad guys and monsters often have more unnatural, warped voices – each character will have a slightly different voice so there is no set way of doing this. We’re going to use Adobe Premiere Pro’s pitch shifter and flanger to mangle our main voice recording.

Step 1: Make copies of your voice recording

We’re going to apply different effects to different copies of the voice audio file. This will provide us with an unnatural, multi layered voice.

To do this copy and paste two copies of the voiceover onto new audio channels. Make sure the  audio files line up perfectly.

Make Monster Voice Changer in Adobe Premiere

Step 2: Pitch shift each layer differently

Next we’re going to use the pitch shifter on each audio track. By pitching each voice down by a different amount the voice will become menacing and multi layered, making it sound like it comes from some magical/otherworldly beast.

We’re going to shift one layer down by 12 semitones, one by 2 semitones and one by one semitone. You want to keep at least one layer close to its original pitch so that you can still understand what is being said.

Make Monster Voice Changer in Adobe Premiere

We can make different layers louder or quieter to change the effect. To do this it’s best to use Premiere Pro’s mixer. To open the mixer go to Window > Audio Track Mixer. From here you can adjust the volume levels of each track.

Make Monster Voice Changer in Adobe Premiere

Step 3: Make it even more unnatural with a flanger

This final step is optional. We’re going to add another layer of weirdness and monstrosity to the voice by applying a flanger to one of our layers.

Make Monster Voice Changer in Adobe Premiere

Mess about with the settings here and see what sounds good to you – there are no “correct” settings. Get creative!

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Make Monster Voice Changer in Adobe Premiere
October 30, 2020