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3 Popular Voice Changer Presets from Launch Week

Breaking down 3 Creator Presets that users used the most in launch week. From noisy neighbors to the 90s, how will you use Voice Changer?

It’s been a few weeks since we launched Voice Changer, and creators from all over the world are using it to bring their content to the next level. Podcasts and audiobooks, short films and animations, YouTube videos and Twitch streams... There are a ton of uses for Voice Changer, and we’ll be spotlighting some in the weeks to come.

3 Popular Voice Changer Presets from Launch Week

We learned from our community and your feedback; out of all presets within the pack, these 3 were the most popular - read on to see why!

→ Skip the hassle, turn your voice into anything! Try Voice Changer and change the character, effect and environment of your audio.

Airport Announcement 

Our third most popular environment preset in launch week was Airport Announcement! It might seem a little ‘basic’ to be so popular. But there’s a good reason why such a simple-sounding preset is so useful. 

Airport Announcement Example

Wherever there’s people, there’s announcements. They dictate the ebb and flow of crowded airports and train stations, while also updating shoppers of deals and opening times. Efficient at getting a bunch of information over to a crowd at an event, they’re just as findable in a school playground, military installation, or city center. 

Movies have used them for years, in all kinds of way:

Naturally, you also hear them throughout content. Anything that takes place in the aforementioned locations has a decent chance of featuring these updates, bulletins and newscasts. Recording on-location seems like a decent solution, but with it comes uncontrollable factors like background noise and uneven levels

It’s also unlikely for an entire airport or large facility to read out the exact announcement you have written in your script, especially if you’re an independent content creator. Likewise, if you're using Voice Changer for streaming, you'll be saving precious time by having a preset that's instantly applicable and easy to use. There'll be no wasted moment in between a cool idea and the chat or lobby's response - just a quick, useful effect. Maybe you could use an 'announcement' sound that's perfect for alerts, donations, or subscriptions:

The solution that our users found? Voice Changer’s Airport Announcement preset!

3 Popular Voice Changer Presets from Launch Week

By quickly compiling the ‘Thin Voice’, ‘Radio’ and ‘Airport’ profiles, Airport Announcement is a time-saving preset that does exactly what it says on the tin. 

You can turn a standard voice clip recorded at home with a microphone, into an authentic-sounding announcement. Turn up the ‘Thin Voice’ and ‘Radio’ dials for an extra-scuffed, old-school style, or turn the same dials down for a cleaner, more modern tone. 

Chuck in some background ambience and you’ve got an airport from the comfort of your home. With some beeps and boops, your studio becomes a shopping mall.

Next Door Apartment 

Everyone’s had a noisy neighbor, or paper-thin apartment wall. If they haven’t, they will. It’s one of the universe’s few constants - no matter how kind, quiet and polite your neighbors are, there will come a day when it all comes crashing down. Maybe it’s a full-blown argument, or maybe just a loud noise in the night. 

Next Door Apartment Example

It’s a common scenario, and that’s why it’s our second most popular Creator Basic Pack preset during Voice Changer’s launch week. 

3 Popular Voice Changer Presets from Launch Week

Crank the ‘Next Door’ dial all the way up or down, depending on how close you want your noisy neighbor to sound. 

Adjusting the ‘Deep Voice’ profile will dictate the bass prominence in the voice, while the ‘Radio’ dial adds some muffled distortion - by playing around with them, you can make your voice clear, but obviously behind a few layers of plaster. Or, you can make a voice nigh-incomprehensible, simulating that dreadful drone of a nearby discussion. 

Of course, next-door noises aren’t the sole use of this preset! Similar effects occur in real life, when speaking to someone through a glass pane or front door, for example. By bolstering your script with effects like Next Door Apartment, it’ll sound way more authentic; as our users have found! 

One of our favorite ways this preset is being used is over Discord! Voice Changer can be used as a kind of Discord voice modifier, in a ton of different ways. The Next Door Apartment filter is especially useful for people live-streaming their multiplayer games on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube - it can be subtly used to 'differentiate' your voice between in-call and to-audience dialogue, or used to emulate the style of game server you're in. If you're acting out a skit and are next door to your teammate, use this preset to make your content even more engaging!

90s VHS Tape 

The 90s means something different to each and every person, and that’s why this preset was the most popular during launch week. Iconic films, music, world events, people - there are absolutely loads of reasons why you may wish to emulate the sounds of the era. And people have been! 

90s Video Tape Example

Whether for pure nostalgia or specific content problems, our users have been trying out the 90s VHS Tape preset more than any other. 

3 Popular Voice Changer Presets from Launch Week

As you can see in this image, the central Effect dial is of the utmost importance. The ‘VHS’ profile encapsulates a lot of the sound needed when changing a voice to that of a 90s VHS tape. 

Around 75% gives you a voice that’s obviously dated, yet still iconic and clear; turn it even higher for some distortion, like the kind you’d hear on an old, well-worn home video. Turn it down for a more subdued, archival-style VHS effect! 

The dials on either side of it are important, if subtle. ‘Epic Movie Trailer’ adds some bassiness to the track, emulating the aged film tape within the cassette. Likewise, Nice Room adds a subtle brightness to the voice, arousing the pleasant, positive and nostalgic memories of the generation.

How Will You Use Voice Changer? 

These were just three presets from Voice Changer, from one Basic Creator Pack. You can try Voice Changer right now for free, and explore all features in their entirety. There are Robot and Fantasy packs, with more on the way. 

Create a custom voice and save it as your own preset. Loads of profiles, from Mountain Echoes, to Phones, to Broken AI, and on, and on, and on - the only limit is your creativity! 

→ Skip the hassle, turn your voice into anything! Try Voice Changer and change the character, effect and environment of your audio.
June 15, 2021
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