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How to Make a Space Marine Voice Changer Filter in Premiere

Learn how to modify voice to sound like space marine or astronaut in Premiere Pro for free in four easy steps

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. Those were the immortal words, spoken by Neil Armstrong as he became the first human being to step foot on the moon. But it’s not just the words that Armstrong spoke that are so instantly recognizable - it’s also the way they sound.

The slightly nasal tone, the distortion of the voice - all of these “effects” create a sound that is instantly recognizable as an astronaut communicating with ground control. 

What gives an astronaut, or space marine, this unique voice timbre? It’s all to do with the technology they’re using to communicate. Radio audio transmissions only take up a small part of the audible frequency spectrum giving the voice that nasal tone, and the distortion and crackle is due to interference as the signal travels across the vacuum of space back to earth.

If we want to make a space marine voice filter, we can easily recreate these elements in our video editor. Let's look at how to sound like a space marine for free in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The Easiest Way: Voice Changer

You don't have to go through all the following steps for a convincing Space Marine sound. Voice Changer lets you do it with a few simple clicks, no anti-grav training required! You can even use it as a Discord voice filter if you're playing with friends in a multiplayer lobby, streaming on Twitch, or recording a video for YouTube; bolster classic 'Space Marine' games from franchises like Warhammer and Starcraft, or simply turn it on for greater chat interaction!

→ Skip the hassle, turn your voice into anything! Try Voice Changer and change the character, effect and environment of your audio.

How To Make Your Voice Sound Like An Astronaut

Step 1: Install MFreqShifter

An astronaut or space marine voice changer can easily be achieved for free in Premiere Pro using mostly stock Premiere Pro plugins. 

However, You will need one piece of free external software, MeldaProduction’s MFreqShifter . Head over to MeldaProduction’s website and download MFreqShifter here. MFreqShifter is part of the free MFreeFXBundle - however, when you download it you can choose to only install MFreqShifter.

How to Make a Space Marine Voice Changer Filter in Premiere

Step 2: Use MFreqShifter

Once you have MFreqShifter installed, open Premiere Pro and load your space marine dialogue audio. In order to use MFreqShift, you may need to scan for new audio plugins within Premiere Pro. To do this go to Preferences > Audio > Audio Plug-In Manager and the click Scan For Plug-Ins. Once Premiere has completed this process click OK.

To begin applying effects to your astronaut audio, go to Window > Audio Track Mixer and then select the track you wish to apply effects to.

To open the effects slots in the audio track mixer, click on the small arrow in the top left hand corner of the mixer. Your mixer should now look like the image below.

How to Make a Space Marine Voice Changer Filter in Premiere

Now, open MFreqShifter by clicking on a dropdown arrow in the effects slots on the track that houses your astronaut audio. Once this dropdown menu is open go to VST3 > Modulation > MeldaProduction > MFreqShifter.

How to Make a Space Marine Voice Changer Filter in Premiere

Now, open the MFreqShifter UI by double clicking on its name in the mixer. We’re going to keep things simple and use a preset. Open the preset menu at the top of the plugin and select “Discomfiture repress”. This should make your audio sound pretty spacey, but it has a little too much delay. Reduce this by bringing the feedback down to 0%

How to Make a Space Marine Voice Changer Filter in Premiere

Step 3: Distort the sound 

The next step is to apply some distortion to the audio in order to achieve that crackly quality that the space marine voice has. To do this we can use Premiere’s stock distortion plugin. To find this open the plugin dropdown menu on an empty effect slot and go to Special > Distortion. 

How to Make a Space Marine Voice Changer Filter in Premiere

Double click on the distortion plugin to open its UI. Bring down the Time Smoothing parameter to around 12% to increase the crakliness of the voice.

How to Make a Space Marine Voice Changer Filter in Premiere

The astronaut voice may sound a little heavy to your ears right now, so lets shape it to perfection with an equaliser.

Step 4: Shape you space marine voice filter with EQ

The final thing we need to do to our space marine voice filter is get that nasal radio sound. This can easily be done with an EQ. Open Premiere Pro’s Parametric EQ by going to Filter and EQ > Parametric Equalizer. Open the EQ by double clicking on it in the effect chain.

How to Make a Space Marine Voice Changer Filter in Premiere

The nasal sound is simply a lack of high and low frequencies in the voice. To achieve this activate the low pass and high pass filters in Premiere’s Parametric Equalizer clicking the buttons labelled ‘HP’ and ‘LP’. Set the cutoff frequency of the high pass filter to about 260Hz, and the cutoff of the low pass to 3853Hz. This should give you that classic nasal sound.

How to Make a Space Marine Voice Changer Filter in Premiere

Making different voice changer filters with this technique

You can use many of the techniques highlighted in this tutorial to create different kinds of voice changers. Because the filter effect is a result of radio technology, you can use this guide to create any kind of voice that’s defined by its use of radio technology. 

Use this guide to help you create a racing driver voice filter, plane pilot voice changer filter, police radio voice filter and much more! Your choices are endless you can even create anime voice or become a monster.

How to create a space marine voice, fast

Voice Changer is the best way to create an effect like this. You can save time, and do alllllll of the above article in one step! No need to jump around windows and parameters - just load the Voice Changer plugin, adjust as needed, and you're set.

Try it now for free. Craft a unique Space Marine character voice, or use an existing preset for an even quicker solution!

December 11, 2020
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